Neutral Jump Fighter V


Am I the only one that is seeing a big issue with neutral jumping?
The neutral jump is OP, especially when you can see at LEAST 40 neutral jumps per ROUND in some cases. I am not seeing this only online with new players but in tournaments as well.
For example I just watched Valle neutral jump 28 times in one round and it worked.

My question is: Are the upcoming pre-jump frames gonna effect this “strategy”?
Can adding one more frame really change things?

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I dash backwards 32 times and it works as well. Very strong technique


You’re quite right.

The lattest Excellent Adventures feat. Combofiend ep. where they run a set w/ Dr Smuggles addresses this just right. At some point, they had a Zangief vs Karin matchup and Karin neutral jump’d all Zang’s throws and grabs.

So, yeah, neutral jumps frames need to be addressed properly in an upcoming update.


yeah neutral jumps are really op, please hold up vs cammys especially


You don’t have dash invincibility in SFV, but you can get out using a neutral jump.


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Do I understand this right?
3 pre-jump frames are invincible or are you susceptible to an attack during those pre-jump frames?


you’re basically at neutral during those frames, there is no invincibility except to grabs


Based on my observations, 3 pre-jumps frames are throw and grab invincible only.

But only tools could say it for sure.


He’s being sarcastic because this thread is pointless.


All these “(Insert Word Here) Fighter V” threads and comments aren’t funny or clever in the slightest. They’re honestly just annoying now.


i thought you were kidding before but now looking at your other comments i’m not sure. you realize that’s intended, right? that’s one of the only ways to escape command grabs at all. it’s also risky for the person jumping.


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I have an idea for a cool “Word” Fighter V thread title. Just replace “Street” with “Dumb” replace “Fighter” with “Ass” and “V” with “Thread”.


I think its most amazing that he legit counts the exact amount of neutral jumps.


Umm this was becoming prevelant in ultra, neutral jump became the equivalent of the drop shot in a cod game.

  1. Reversals aren’t as good in this game
  2. Command throws are scary but easily punishable off a neutral jump
  3. If you have your opponent in the corner point blank, there’s no real reason to jump over them
  4. Easily catches v-reversal by landing and grabbing
  5. People aren’t AAing very well yet
  6. Typically leaves you slightly + on block

All good reasons to neutral jump in this game. It’s not surprising that people do it a lot. It’s the game, it may not be your cup of tea, but if you want to play V and get better you need to learn to defend against it AND to use it yourself.


I play Chun Li so I’m not going to neutral jump other than to do a close range AA or tread over fireballs. Otherwise it’s a death wish.


Not even on your opponent’s wake-up in the corner? I play Sim, so I don’t get to do any kind of nj stuff.