Neutral Jumpers



What are Honda’s options for neutral jump happy people?


[]butt splash
]neutral jump fierce
[]jump back fierce
]standing fierce
[]light head butt
]ex headbutt


Also- depending on their AA options, you can jump onto them right as they are landing (I do this a lot for the honda mirror matchup)


played against a pretty annoying yun yesterday, tried to neutral jump me on wakeup, i used ultra 1, he died.


everything ugo listed, + if they’re jumping in your face (trying to catch a headbutt) and you’re cornered, i like to use walk under or other moves (depending on the character’s n.jump normals of course)


Neutral jump jab works well as an AA


If you are a real man, you hit their neutral jumps with the downwards hit of MK Buttslam and juggle into U1.


cl fierce


ultra !