Neutrik boot USB cable mod

First off this is Voltech’s mod really I’m just showing how I did mine since a few members inquired.

~Neutrik Ethercon boot
~Razor blade or something really sharp
~(optional bad ass led) USB cable

I trimmed mine down in true ghetto fashion with a crappy razor blade.

These 2 pieces are not needed when using USB.

There’s a little bit of wiggle from the USB-B tip but not enough to be an issue when connecting to a NAUSB.

very nice thanx for sharing :slight_smile: curious where you found those particular usb cables i have a couple similar in my saved searches but they dont look as rad as that one

Here’s were I got mine, site is kinda ancient:

I already put “15ft USB” in the search as it’s the only way I can get that specific size LED cable to show up.
You can also search “LED USB” and all the other sizes show just not the 15ft for some reason.

P.S. Someone way more talented then me needs to make a TRON stick using this cable!

But… you can already get Neutrik USB B data connectors, so why try to modify an RJ-45 boot? Unless this is a way to save cash?

Product code: NKUSB end 1/end 2

I know what you mean gahrling, but some hacks are done just so it can be done (or prove that it can be done). I am not sure if the mod is cost efficient or easier that the actual USB connectors. kubebot got the results he wants that should matter the most. I think honestly if all us us here at SRK took the easy ot cheaper route, almost all the projects you see on this forum would not exist.

The NKUSB is expensive. At 5m (16ft–which I need) is close to $30 before shipping. Not to mention I can’t find that length in stock anywhere online. Most places that do carry the cable happen to be overseas.

I’ve never seen anyone here with one, so I suspect they also came to the same conclusion.

This cable cost $10 shipped with a $3 boot. But I think you guys are forgetting the LED part, can’t buy those anywhere.:bgrin:

Biiig thanks to Kubebot for the closeups. I suspected it just a modified ethercon boot, but couldn’t tell from any of the pictures people had been using. No denying how sick the LED cable looks! :smiley:

Fair enough.

I did not want to sound like I was flaming or anything, I just have a tendency to “ramble” a bit.

Nah man, not at all.


that’s pimp & I want it! XD

I forgot to mention the biggest reason not to go with the NKUSB. You can’t plug straight into a game system because of the boot on both ends. These are only meant for plugging into NAUSBs on both ends.

More USB LED fun.

Picked up some Neutrik BSX colored bushings for the hell of it.
I can’t find any place that sells the BSE versions that need no modifications.
There’s a boot that comes attached that’ll need to be removed. Then the bushing will need to be sanded or filed to fit around the other chuck.

Warning The red QVS cable I initially got had softer plastic then the white. I must have gotten old stock. If the plastic at the ends are frosted, then it’s softer–easier to work with. If the plastic at the end is crystal clear then it’s harder plastic and is going to be much more difficult to shape into the ethercon boot. I strongly recommend power tools for the hard plastic. Becareful not to take too much off.

Delphi looks like they make softer plastic ends, I’m not 100% sure.
Customer Image Gallery for 10ft Delphi USB 2.0 A/B Lighted Printer Cable - Gold Plated


The white led is coming out more bluish in the pics :confused:

The ring of light is from the gap between the ethercon housing and chuck.

That’s what the white should look like :slight_smile:

Very cool, kubebot! :tup:

Nice work man!!!

They’re soft.

Here’s mine, I got the hard ones and it was a pain in the ass getting it to fit.

Good find on the confirmed soft Delphi cables this should make things a bit easier. I just ordered a couple =D

@ kubebot - No LED love for the VAS-HG?

I ordered two a while back and have been debating ever since if I should order another 2 since I’m pretty sure they’re out of production and going to be drying up soon…

My VAS is RJ-45. But my next one is gonna be USB. I’m looking into the possibility of LEDs for ethernet cables…

Ah RJ45 I forgot about that. Rj45 with LEDs FTW =D