Neutrik boot USB cable mod

ooo i wanna do RJ45 Led’s…

i doubt though that there are any LED RJ45 cables

the only thing i can really think of is somehow putting an SMD LED inside the RJ45 boot

So I just tried this mod and messed up my cable, the thing is you never explained how to get the bottom part on so cleanly and i tried to just shove it through thinking it would fit. Probably should have took a little more time but I thought it would fit through lol. So did you cut the inside circle in the bottom piece to get it to slide through? Thanks in advance if anyone could help, I already have 2 more cables coming just in case heh.

Edit: I just realized that your bottom part looks different that mine…but i used the same exact part numbers when I ordered.

@Tactics - There is no easy way to shape the cable especially when the consistency of USB cables I get from QVS is crap.
Best advice is power drill with sander bit or something just as good and take it slow.

From an earlier post:
Warning The red QVS cable I initially got had softer plastic then the white. I must have gotten old stock. If the plastic at the ends are frosted, then it’s softer–easier to work with. If the plastic at the end is crystal clear then it’s harder plastic and is going to be much more difficult to shape into the ethercon boot. I strongly recommend power tools for the hard plastic. Becareful not to take too much off.

Yeah now I see that I read that wrong, thanks a ton for the info.

This may be a stupid question but the Rj45 Neutrik boot that you add to the cord, can you put them on a cord that already has the rj45 jack crimped on it or does it have to be done prior to

@RR - Sure can. You just need to break the locking tab on the rj-45, since the ethercon will now be doing it.

Where did you find your white cable? The other source posted up didn’t seem to have A to B ; ; I am die’n for a white cable and it feels like the hardest to find lol

I got mine here:
Search for USB Led. This website is a little screwy can’t directly link. :confused:

VOLTECH showed off his USB to Project GiantSword at EVO 2011. :wgrin:

Yea and the one he uses seems rare from my hours worth of googling lol, I specifically want white, and I guess its not too popular ; ;

thx kubebot! I found em, didn’t see the links at the bottom the 1st time