Neutrik hole question


Hey guys,

Thinking about buying a custom case that has the two holes for the Neutrik screws already predrilled and I don’t need them. Would a normal 24mm button cover the two screw holes? If not, what are some ways I could hide them but still use a normal 24mm button. I was thinking about a sealing gasket but I don’t know if a 24mm button would fit inside the sealing gasket.

Any ideas are appreciated!


I think they’re identical to 30mm holes, so those covers should fit. I don’t think they’ll cover the screws though. There are square covers specifically for unused neutrik holes


You mean 24mm holes right.


24mm button plugs will fill in the Neutrik hole, but not the Neutrik-mounting screw-holes.
If you want the screw holes covered too, you can look into using a blank Neutrik plate (and maybe a Neutrik rubber boot too).