Neutrik NAUSB question

Ok i just got my Neutrik NAUSB Passthrough in. on the package it shows this.
“Cut off to eleminate grounding.” Do we need to do this for our joysticks.


That tab is for the shield ground. The metal outer shroud of a USB plug is connected to its outer shielding and acts like a 2nd ground.
You do not need this for Stick PCBs, but many sticks have this wire connected any ways.
I usually leave the tab alone, it is supposed to touch the metal outer part of the usb port.

If you ground the tab to something inside the case, it’ll discharge static there when you plug in the USB cable, since USB connectors are designed to bump metal first before the contacts touch. I haven’t set this up in either of the sticks I have with NAUSB tho.

I did not think of that, I just felt that it was easier to just leave the tab in place. But if the tabs helps with static grounding, that it is a plus.

so should I take a wire from it to the PCB or Joystick to ground the inside? the joystick is wood so i dont think it is doing any good.

It’s more important on the host (console, PC, et al.) side to ground it, but it shouldn’t be connected to the PCB system ground, it should usually be connected to the chassis. If the chassis is connected to the system ground, it shouldn’t be grounded that way. :slight_smile:

On the device side (the joystick), if you choose to use it, it should go to the chassis or control panel or whatever is metal that isn’t also connected to the PCB ground. Since it’s a wooden joystick you oughta just leave it alone.

ok that will work