Neutrik NE8FDP Feedthrough & Neutrik RJ45 Data Connector (Setup and Tutorial)


I just uploaded a new guide to help anyone that might be wanting to implement the quick disconnect on their Fightstick. Let me know what you think!


IMO the cable door is a crap place to install a Neutrik RJ45 jack because it’s just a thin piece of plastic with no support and it means you will also have difficulty using it for cable storage.

It makes more logical sense to put it either in one of the existing 24mm holes or cut one next to them.

Aside from that… nice vid!


Believe me I thought the same, but so far its worked pretty well. Can’t use the storage with the Neutrik Data Connectors on the cable ends anyway.


Yes you can, it’s how I store mine and at the stock USB cable length.


Yeah, I can store a cable fine in a TE that has one inside the cable compartment. I think I could actually get the door to close too if I didn’t use the strain relief that comes with the Neutrik boot.


Oh well, I have three cables anyway lol, I plan on storing them in my backpack that I put it in


That’s what I do as well, since my Fightstick Pro has the neutrik on the cable door itself since there’s really no where else to place it besides the select button.


You could do what I did with the o.g. Neutrik TE mod. Keeps both buttons and no harm to the blazgreen door.


Screw cable compartments and their doors

Where is your God now?!


^ This guy gets it