Neutrik Question Cthulu Issue

So heres my question. I am almost ready to build my stick. I want to do the interchangable cords for my stick which means I will be using a Neutrik. All the time I see people using the one that puts the RJ-45 on the outside of your case The problem is on Lizard Lick there are only Double Black and Silver USB adapters or double RJ-45 adapters. There doesn’t seem to be one where I plug in my Cthulu on the inside and have the RJ-45 on the outside. As far as buying removable cords does anyone know of a person I could buy them from? I don’t have the gumption to make them myself.

And my Cthulu issue is I want the latest firmwire for my MC Cthulu but I own a Mac. I can’t run .Net or anything like that. Is there an alternate way to update my firmwire?

Thank you all in advance.

firmware: im sure in your life you have access to a windows PC. Go to a friend’s house, do it at work, use your mom’s laptop, you can manage.

rj-45: I don’t see what the problem is. Every stick I’ve modded for rj45 uses the lizardlick neutrik adapters… either cut a existing cat5 cable in half and solder the exposed wires to your mc, or crimp a rj-45 end onto whatever wires you have coming off of the mc, I don’t see where your problem is.

Check the trading outlet for premade cables, but it’s like 45 seconds worth of work to crimp your own.

if youre looking to connect the cthulu’s usb straight into the rj45 then thats not how it works

next time check the stickies