Neutrik RJ45 pass through in wood?


Just curious to know what solutions you guys have come up with to install the Neutrik RJ45 pass-through into a wooden case?

Assuming that the wooden cases are at least 1/4" or 1/2" thick.


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You can use a Switchcraft RJ-45 Port for 24mm holes, no matter the thickness of the wood.

this was found out by Voltech, he used it in his Ibuki stick
I perfer neutrik since you can use the nifty neutrik adapters…but yeah you’d have to use a custom routing jig or w/e i believe


I also prefer the neutrik’s for the nice cable ends. Those things lock in tight. The switchcraft is a bit more expensive too.
Neutrik FTW.

About mounting in wood; my plan:
This would have to be done before the stick is assembled, and it’s assuming a hardwood style case is used (like those tmo, stevetren and ecksnine make).

I would drill the 24mm hole first.
Then I would rout the back of the case where the hole is in a square shape, just big enough for the neutrik body and to a depth that leaves about 3/16-1/4" of material. The case would be plenty strong, the neutrik would be mounted correctly and it would look pimp.

Another slightly more involved procedure would be to do the above but rout the face side of the stick body as well where the neutrik will be mounted, this time making the depth so that the face of the neutrik sits slightly below or even with the surface of the case. In that case you’d rout about 1/8" from the front, and however much from the back to leave 3/16-1/4" of material in the middle for mounting the neutrik.

It really sounds more complicated than it is.
Basically, drill a hole, rout a recess.
Or for the second option, drill a hole, rout 2 recesses.

It would help to make a small template for guiding the router.


You could use the switch craft, or if you have to use the Neutrik, you could check out my solution halfway down this page using a cut up JLF mounting plate.


Here is the solution I came up with. I had the plate made out of 1/8th high grade aluminum. The wood pictured was just a test piece to see how it would work. Also, I had to mount the rj-45 upside-down otherwise it doesn’t clear the mounting board for the buttons/jfl.


I had to install a Neutrik D Series only the other day in a custom built wood case which only had a 24mm hole.

I used a Dremel with the sandpaper tip, put the case on its side with the hole facing up, then very carefully routed an extra 2mm off the circumference leaving a 4mm lip on the outside. Where the two screw holes are need to be enlarged another 2mm for the jack to fit correctly. Oh yeah - it took me ages due to paranoia.

Some pics were taken, but they’re not best quality: