Never been to a tourney

i was wondering how good you should be before you try to take part in a tournament? they’re always a couple hours drive from where i live so if im gonna get destroyed immediately i dont wanna waste the time driving up there

my roommate and i started playing this on ps2 about a year and a half ago and we played pretty much all day every day for awhile, looked up combos and videos on the inernet and got really into it. i was using sentinel/ironman/storm every time. after a couple months of that, school finished and we weren’t rooming together anymore so we both kinda stopped playing

now i really only play every month or so when im with friends and i dont practice combos or anything, but i can still rape everyone with sentinel/servbot/servbot LOL and if i pick my real time its even worse, although i kinda suck with storm now

any thoughts? btw if anyone is in austin, tx and wants to get together for a few games let me know

1st. If you’re able to find a dreamcast then get that and get a copy ov MvC2 cause it is arcade perfect and trumps the PS2 version all out.

2nd. You’re already doing this but I’ll stress it more, look up combo vids and recent tourney matches to see how the ‘opposition’ plays…then try to emulate how they play and sync that with your own playstyle.

3rd. Practice, practice, practice…in order to get better you’ll need to play against ppl that are at the very least good at the game…I’m not trying to say that the guys you’re playing now are complete n00bs (for everyone starts there and eventually rises to the top…depending on their determination) so it’s a start I guess…

4th. When you finally get into the mindset ov tackling tourneys go to them…local ones first obviously. In order to get better at the game you’ll first have to play as many ppl as possible and gain experience (sounds like a real life RPG to me). You’ll probably lose often but take it all in stride and use that knowledge to get better…

5th. Rinse and repeat 2-4…

“Step Yo Game Up!!”


Word of advice: if you’re playing in your first tournament and there’s something sizable on the line (whether it be cash or prizes), don’t expect to immediately be on your A-game right off the bat. Nerves make up a HUGE amount of this game during the first few times you play with pressure on your back. I’m sure this applies to many individuals, and I remain no exception. I remember the first local tournament I went to, I played my heart out, but I just couldn’t get to where I truly was in the most casual of games. You’ll get over this VERY quick as you begin to adapt to pressure and people watching over your back.

It’s very similar to being in the spotlight. People choke. Plus, be prepared to become TIRED. The fact that you played so much will prove to be helpful in the end, but it’s a completely different situation and environment when you’re concentrating much of your mental power during a tournament (at least, for one you can’t slack off on and win easily). Yeah, you don’t play very many games, but the strain of pressure for every game (each set will count leaps and bounds more than your casual play) and trying to keep up with who you’re playing next and being prepared takes its toll on you mentally. This, luckily, will be something you can get over very quickly as well as you begin to adapt to the tournament scene. It’s something truly and completely different than sitting at your home or even at a packed arcade, simply playing casually with nothing but your quarter on the line.

Everything else, Scythe pretty much hit, for the essential points. Hope this helps.

feint like you play cross-handed

go to your first tournament (make sure it’s a console and dreamcast, and they have casuals) and play a LOT of casuals, possibly participate in the tournament to get a feel for shit. Don’t expect to win or do well, unless your name is Mixup or Yipes. lol

seriously though, my first tournament was at this kids’ house. It was Khameleon, Pungza, Shin Raven, Myself, Epyon-X, Dragongod, Trunks something, and this kid Ray… it was good times, i didn’t rank, as Lincoln and Pedro knocked me out. I had a shit load of fun, learned a lot about my game and blah blah…

Just go with the mindedness that you don’t have to do your best the first time, but just experience it. Being number one comes after your first experience. Any level can go. I was at Evolution this last year, and I played some average people that scraped the fuck out of me, because I’m way out of practice, and I played some real true-to-life scrub fuckers that i was OCV’ing with my Spiderman… but whatever.

Good advice to know since I will be going to my first tourney. Pungza…does that guy still play some what? Man I heard about him from a couple of friends from back in the day.

And the comment about Mixup and Yipes is the truth. Mixup placing like top 3 in each tourney so far.

I though about going to evo. But if people act like they do on the forums at evo then I’ll idk.

Well… you got the evo moments so I guess they do.

i’ll be there so you have not reason to not come:pleased:

n e way i remember my first tourney… i was superrr nervous… its like dam everyone is standing over my shoulder right now… I’m used to the ‘‘everyone watch you’’ cause i play team basketball but if ur not used to that kind of pressure you WILL choke alot lol

this is actually the best time to askquestions too… like if u see a top player and theres something ur havin trouble wif ask for advice:cool:

The first tournament I ever went too was a 3s one and I ended up in the finals. Granted, that the best players from the state weren’t there but it was a decent local venue for FL. iirc, there was like around 15-20 players.

For a small tournament, you can play games and watch to spot the killas and the scrubs. Sift them out. Anyone who you can’t beat or looks like they may give you a hard time, watch them for a bit. Watch their character, break down their playing style like weather or not they’re agressive or a turtle etc… see if they have specific patterns that they are always taking advantage of and most importantly, see how they react under pressure. Sometimes you’ll see someone who is super deadly but if you take his options away, he’ll just crack open and kill himself. If you run a specific character only, look for your counter characters @ a tournament and try to break down that fight according to the type of player they are etc…

All the tourneies I’ve done well in so far, I wasn’t even worried about winning the whole thing. I was just worried about the next guy I had to play and I took it 1 game @ a time. If you start thinking you’re doing well and you made it far, chances are you’ll probably lose. Stay focused and play smart. Don’t even worry that the guy you’re playing next is a fucking killer. Break him down and go get him.

I had a real weird exp in my first tourney. I was playing a ken player who got top 15 @ FR the year before so its not like he was a scrub. Right off the bat, I had the best guy there. It goes 2-1 him but I got mad a little and took a walk outside. I broke down our fight and figured out where I was losing @. So i’m in losers immediately and fight all the way back to loser finals where I run into the same person who put me into losers. I calmed my nerves first before I started playing and I ended up getting the guy 3-1 and only won our fight because I had broke down some of his tendencies and punished him for it and he never figured it out. I even yelled " where the hells is my money." Not realizing it was loser finals and not grand hahaha.

you’re only as good as your competition. I was playing 3s with mixup and another homie @ the time and the level we were training @ was the same level of the top players there. For your first tournament, don’t expect anything. Take it as a learning exp weather you go 0-4 or win the whole damn thing. After the tournament, I was kinda hyped that i got 2nd @ my first one but I was more impressed by the fact that I had countered someone who was obvioulsy a much better player than me because I broke down his strat and found counters. That learning exp in general was more valuable than the damn money.

Evo is the most fun i’ve ever had in my life, and i was there for only 1.5 days, as school started the next day.

A lot of people on SRK hate me, but i was still cool at evolution… it doesn’t matter.

3 rules

#1)Take some headphones with u

#2)practice up(even if u only have a few players to fight against)

#3) if people have negative comments, ignore them

you’re set:lovin::rock:

oh yeah

p.s have fun