Never eat real food again. Soylent shakes are here


…Just don’t ask who what’s in it, okay? :wasted:



I’m curious what kind of people dig this idea. I’m one of them, but I assume 99.9% of people wouldn’t be interested in giving up real food. My only guess is people see it as some kind of weight loss silver bullet, which I’d imagine it is. Also makes you wonder what sort of long term health implications there are from a diet of nothing but nutrient shakes.


Sounds cool for the apocalypse.


Sounds really awesome for maintaining an enormous population of slaves!



Finally I can now do away with food and stick to people Soylent shakes



I LIKE real food.

I LIKE cook. It is not a financially taxing or time sucking task.

This world is NOT moving fast enough that you cannot spend an hour a couple of times a week making meals to last three or so days.


It is. It’s why Fast Food makes a billion dollars a day.


Heard of this sometime last year. The inventor is creepy :lol: and the fact he named it solent, good humour and if anything gets found out about it he could say “hey, atleast it’s not people”


the idea of reheating food is so offputting to me. I hate rehating leftovers.

but im just picky since i’ve been cooking since I was 12.


Given what the majority of fast food clientele is like, it’s surely not because they don’t have the time to cook


OMG you ate him!


You bastard!


you’d have to be crazy if you think id give up my precious curry chicken for some powder with water. Watch people get chronic diarrhea or some shit after the first wave is shipped


I’m a little skeptical that even if all of your nutrients are provided by a shake that you won’t feel hungry. I took shakes to gain weight in HS that were several time the calories and fats I needed and I still had to eat food because otherwise the hunger pains were unbearable.


Hoping to read reviews similar to those sugar free gummi bears.


Should have called it a estus flask


Considering that the human digestive system was designed to take in volume, this doesn’t seem like it would even be healthy, physiologically speaking.


If this stuff never goes bad it could be really great to have. You could just stock up on the stuff, save a ton of money and be prepared for pretty much anything. If it doesn’t take much space you can travel with it on extended periods of time too.

For a lot of busy people eating is a pain in the ass. I know there have been many times I wish I could have something like this between actual full meals.

Heck breakfast is something a lot of people don’t have time for, but it’s a very good meal to have. I usually have steel cut oats and a hardboiled egg as a breakfast, but this would save me time. Many of us especially that live alone and are professionals don’t really have the ability or time to make food when we get back from work (something I want to change in the near future for myself). Restaurants don’t necessarily have healthy food and they take time.

Plus that leaves more money for alcohol and screwing women.


Pretty much this. I’m curious as to the calorie count. I’d imagine this would end up making a lot of people fat as I doubt the vast majority of people will have the dedication to stick to drinking what’s described as tasting like play doh.


^Well for that, just drink a lot of water. You should stay hydrated anyway. I usually drink a lot of water and tend not to be hungry too often. The military taught me that if you’re not constantly drinking water you are dehydrated. That is probably the only thing I took away from it.

According to this guy you would feel full though:

SRK, are we trying this out? Contest? Who can go the longest etc?