Never, ever try to date someone whom you're already friends with

Random words of the wise:
Never, ever try to date someone whom you’re already friends with…

The proper flowchart of dating is:

  1. Have sex
  2. Start relationship
  3. Get to know each other.

To date a girl you’re already friends with is to attempt to do it backwards:
3. Get to know each other
2. Start relationship

  1. Have sex

It’s like starting Phoenix on point. It’s a recipe for disaster.

/rant /vent

What are your thoughts?

the first option is basically the blueprint to an unhappy relationship in the end since your relationship is started on the foundation of sex, and after 6 months or so if you have nothing else in common the sex will end.

from my experience, the second option always ends up with a happier relationship

There’s a relationship thread around here somewhere. Oh, look, it’s on the FIRST PAGE.

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You’re doing it wrong. The correct order for dating someone you’re friends with is 3, 1, 2.

Why are you having sex last?

My parents were friends before lovers and they’ve been together 30 years. YMMV.

Sometimes knowing each other is what it takes for the spark to ignite.

Relationship thread plz.