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Courtesy of Ebbs

Video for Mighty Spark, Mighty Strike, Mighty Smash, and Mighty Punish provided by NeoArtisan

:l: - Light
The standing version of this attack is virtually useless. It’s not good for poking, it can’t be rapid fired, it has 8 frames of start up and 23 frames of recovery. Typically, the only time you’ll ever see this attack being used in a match is on accident. Try your best to avoid it at all costs.

The crouching version is a little bit better. You’ll be using it mostly at the beginning of your combos to chain into other things. That said, it’s still not good to use as a poke or even as a move to punish with. Having 7 frames of start up and 24 frames of recovery just spells disaster if every used outside of a combo.

The jumping version of his light is the fastest normal Thor has and is great for getting in as an overhead after doing a tri-jump. You’ll always want to start off his combos with this move or a grab. And it’s +14 on block.
:m: - Medium
The standing version of this move is also a move you never want to throw out randomly, because of its 13 start up and 30 frame recovery. It’s best to just forget about this move altogether as well.

The crouching version is a pretty decent anti air move, and on hit, you can start up your combo right away, but you never want to throw it out randomly because it still has the 13 start up.

The jump version, while still having 13 start up, is probably the best long range poking move Thor has. That combined with it being +21 on hit and +18 on block make it a relatively safe poking move as well.
:h: - Heavy
The standing version of this attack is pretty cool looking, but it’s something you should never throw out randomly. Wait, there might be some reason to randomly throw it out. Kara Canceling. Kara canceling is essentially canceling the start up of a move into another move. The start up of this move is 18 frames, so you got a good bit to cancel it into his command grab. The advantage to doing this is it forces your opponent to block (because they know if they block it, they’ll have all the time in the world to punish), and when they’re blocking, they’re not moving which allows that command grab to do it’s magic.

The crouching version of this move is probably the better thing to kara into a command grab with, mostly because when he does his crouching :h:, he moves towards the opponent. Kara canceling into the grab will in essence give your grab much more range to connect with. Admittedly, this is a lot harder to kara out of due to its start up being 16 frames and having to do some funky motions to get it just right, but if you can master this technique, you’d definitely have something to show for it.

The jumping version of this attack is just straight up beastly. Thor stays active during the attack all the way to the ground, and if it connects, that’s +24 on hit and +21 on block. I usually just throw it out there just so I can get to the ground faster, and if I’m close to the ground, or the enemy, I’ll cancel out of it into a Mighty Strike.

:s: - Launcher
I’ve gotten comments on how much range his launcher has, and now that I think about it, it’s huge. As with most launchers, don’t use it to end block strings because it’s unsafe on block. Gives the other guy a big opportunity to punish, and since you can’t cancel out of launchers, you’re pretty much just left there to take it.

The air version starts up in 14 and has a pretty good amount of hitstun on it, making it fairly easy to combo off it. +21 on hit and +18 on block. Can also be canceled into some specials. Mighty Strike would be the best choice.
:atk: - Any attack button other than :s:

:qcf:+:atk: - Mighty Spark (air ok)

A good long range, horizontal covering move. If you’re using it as a zoning tool, you’re going to want to pair it with another beam assist, because it still does go over people’s heads when they’re crouching.

The :l: version is rapid fire spammable with 15 frames of start up and 12 frames of recovery, and all versions are plus 5 on block, so you can use it for ending block strings, or defensively trying to keep the opponent out, and it’s even plus 8 on hit so you can use it in an attack string and it’ll still combo. Something like cr :l:, :l: Mighty Spark, cr :l: then finish the rest of your combo. It’s kinda cool. You should probably be coupling it with a horizontal assist as well because it does have a tendency to get ducked under by certain members in the cast. My personal favorite use of the move is by spamming it like crazy, and waiting for the opponent to get frustrated and super jump towards you. You can super jump towards them on reaction, and land an easy command grab in the air. It’s not very durable though. So don’t expect it to beat out other projectiles, but it’s fast enough to beat out other things before they happen. It’s not gonna beat EM Disruptor, but still.

In the air, the start up and recovery is relatively the same. Still very good for it’s speed, and it still covers the horizontal space well. Plus 4 on hit. Minus 4 on block.

The :m: version of the move is pretty much better altogether than the :l: version except in start up and recovery. The hit box on the lightning around the hammer lasts longer, though, so so that does good to balance that out. Plus 16 on hit. Plus 12 on block. Three times as durable.

In air, the same things hold true, except it’s only plus 8 on hit and minus 2 on block.

The :h: version isn’t really that much of a change. It’s start up is a lot slower though, and the durability is five times that of the :l: version, but you really don’t want to be relying on this move. Use it sparingly if at all.

In air, same thing, but not as big a frame advantage on hit and none on block.

:dp:+:atk: - Mighty Smash

The :l: version of this move causes a hard knock down, which can’t lead into much outside of using Mighty Thunder. And with it being -4 on block, it’s sorta punishable.

The :m: version is great to use for combo extensions, because it causes a ground bounce, which can be used to lead into :s:. But don’t throw out this version of the attack all willy nilly because it is not safe on block at all (-9). If you do, quickly cancel into his Mighty Punish to make it safe. If the super grab whiffs, quickly DHC into another super.

The :h: version of this attack is used for crossing up if you have a lockdown assist, as Thor will go over the opponent’s head while they’re in block stun. When the block stun ends, the opponent is in a prime position to be command grabbed. Should also be noted that it’s a great move to counter-act an advancing guard, but be careful, even though it’s +9 on block, and gains super armor from frame 32 to 48 when it’s charged, always pair up this move with a lockdown assist, because otherwise, Thor will be grabbed right out of his animation.

:rdp:+:atk: - Mighty Strike (air ok)

On the ground, it hardly serves a use. You could try and use the :m: as an anti-air attack, but if someone’s jumping in on Thor, then it’d be best to jump and meet him with a command grab. All versions range from -18 to -8 on block. You can charge it up some, but :l: and :h: only then become -7. :m: gets +5 though, so there’s that. In the air, this is perhaps Thor’s best move ever, as it is a vital aspect of his mobility, and sets up a great bit of everything on hit and on block. We’ll go into more detail shortly in the movement section.

:hcb:+:atk: - Mighty Hurricane (air ok)
Perhaps Thor’s other best move ever. It has three strengths and each strength has a different range. All versions of the grab not only cause a ground bounce, but reset it, allowing for any combo under the sun you can think of to follow it up, and if you can’t think of one, then the grab simple leads to a hard knock down.

The :l: version is 5 frames and has the most range. It’s good for catching folks from a great distance as far as command grabs go. This is more apparent when used in the air, because it can snatch people above and below him. This makes it ideal for resets. The ground bounce is also the highest for this version, so when following up, a number of things can happen. You can go straight into your launcher, but readjust your timing since they’ll be up higher than normal, do a standing :m: and then go into your launcher, or do an :m: Mighty Smash and proceed into your launcher. If you used the :l: Mighty Hurricane in the air, the ground bounce will be even higher, allowing you to link a standing :h: into a :m: Mighty Smash into a launcher.

The :m: version is 3 frames and, while not having as much range, it does a little more damage. It’s good for resets as well, and with its increased speed, it’s not bad for punishing things. The ground bounce is slightly lower.

The :h: version is 1 frame, making it the fastest and most damaging version, but in doing so, it sacrifices the range of the other two. It’s great for punishing things up close, catching opponents who just got out of block stun, and being mighty. The ground bounce is the lowest with this version, so when following up, it’s best to just go straight into the launcher.

:qcb:+:s: - Flight
Thor’s Flight mode is best used for maneuvering around on screen, and setting up resets.

:d::d::h: (hold) - Mighty Speech
This is a special that builds meter for as long as you hold :h:. The recovery of the move is pretty big (22 frames), so it’s best not to use this unless you’re sure you won’t get touched. I typically only use it after I’ve killed someone and then brought out an assist to cover me.

:qcf:+:atk::atk: - Mighty Tornado (air ok)
Due to this hyper being air ok, this will be the main thing you use to end your combos. It does decent damage already and can be mashed for more. A standard combo that properly utilizes this move is:

jump :l:, crouch :l:,:h:, :m: Mighty Smash, :s: jump :m:,:m:,:h:, :l: or :m: air Mighty Strike, Mighty Tornado.

:dp:+:atk::atk: - Mighty Thunder
Sadly, it’s best to forget this move exists unless you’re looking to OTG the opponent so you can DHC. The move is virtually no block stun, the recovery is laughable, it doesn’t push back on block at all, and unless you’re full screen, the damage done isn’t worth the meter at all. At least it looks cool though, so if your opponent has very little life (as in hanging on by a thread), and you’re goin’ for style, then and only then would it be okay to use.

:hcb:+:atk::atk: - Mighty Punish

When you’re in a bind, this is the attack to go to. It’s invincible up to the frame that it actually grabs, which makes it the perfect counter tool. You can cancel out of any of your normals with it, so if you throw out something against—say—Taskmaster, and he activates his Aegis Counter, you activate Mighty Punish, and you’ll grab him right then an’ there. It’s a wonderful thing. Don’t ever forget you have the option to use it (provided you have 1 bar of meter). Sadly, the attack has its limits. You’re unable to follow up with a combo after landing it, so the best thing to do if you wanna keep the damage goin’ is DHC right at the end of it (right after he says, “By Mjolnir’s—that’s when you cut to the next hyper).

Thor’s a god. He’s the god of thunder. He has a hammer, and he smashes people’s skulls with it. You get hit by him, you’re dead.

That said, it all boils down to actually landing that hit with him. From the get go, you’ll notice that all of his normals are incredibly slow, especially on the ground. The fastest thing he can throw out is his crouching :l: and that’s 7 frames. You’ll also notice that his ground dash is horrible. He sorta hops a half step, and that’s it. You can try wave dashing with it, but there is literally no point to it. Don’t do it.

As a matter of fact, don’t do anything on the ground, except block or command grab. Oh yeah, his command grab is great. You want to become very familiar with his command grabs because they are insanely fast, can easily be combo’d afterwards, insanely useful for resets, and have good range to them. I’ll go into detail about how useful these grabs are and when to use them soon, but as for now, let’s focus on what’s good.

Thor’s ground game is practically non-existent, but don’t you dare write him off as a bad character because of it, because what he lacks on land, he more than makes up with the sky. He is the god of thunder and lightning, and that is entirely evident with how he bolts down atop his enemy’s heads.
Turn your attention to this video right here.


As you can see, Thor can move around quite well in the air. Those triangle jump mix ups (jump, air dash down-foward, :l: or jump, air dash down-foward :h:), covered with a horizontal beam assist do wonders for opening the other guy up. As a side note, when doing your air dashes, always do them with two buttons, and always have one of those buttons be the :h: button. This works wonders when the opponent tries to jump up and meet you in the air, because you will always get an option select air throw, sending them right back down to the ground.

While triangle dashing with an assist is a fairly good approach, I personally believe the best approach Thor has is with his air Mighty Strikes. They cover a good distance, give you major advantage on block, and when fully charged gains a hit of super armor. Very useful tool for getting around, fishing for hits, and annoying the opponent, and even better, any version of the Mighty Strikes plow through projectiles like nobody’s business.

The :l: Mighty Strike going forward is the one you want to use when there’s a pretty big gap in between. Best part is, if you just so happen to hit the opponent, and the Mighty Strike wasn’t charged all the way, the opponent is forced to air tech in some manner, and that’s a perfect opportunity to catch them in an aerial Mighty Hurricane. That command grab is so good, and if you don’t feel like a command grab, you can actually combo off of it. It’s plus 10 on hit, and plus 2~14 on block, depending on if you charge it.

The :m: Mighty Strike is good for when you’re within range, and ready to hit the opponent below you, while also moving forward a bit. Leads to some very good goodness. If they get hit with that, judging by the range, you can go for a quick crouching :m: to lock 'em in place into a :m: Mighty Smash into :s:, or if they’re a ways away, skip that, do a ground dash, and go into your :s: from there. It’s +10, and on block it’s +13.

The :h: Mighty Strike is good for when the opponent is directly below you, and you’re just looking to get to the ground to be safe. +10 on hit. +13 on block.

Once again, all of his air Mighty Strikes are plus on block, which means you’re at a major advantage to do whatever you feel like doin’ when it makes contact. But do try to hit something when you use these moves, because they do have recovery on whiff. (15-1, or until grounded, then it’s 11.) That said, his ground Mighty Strikes are not safe at block at all, which further supports the notion that Thor on the ground is not where you want him to be through most of the match. But there is a quick way to bypass using the ground Mighty Strikes, while still making what looks like a ground approach, and that’s by tiger kneeing the :l: Mighty Strike. It’s kinda technical, and’ll take a while to get down consistently, but it’s a great tool to have under your belt.

The input for the tiger knee (also called instant air) Mighty Strike is :b::d::db::ub::l:
Thor’s damage output is incredibly high. The simplest BnB of his does around 600k, and he can can make the slightest adjustment to it to get him 700k by himself. A quick DHC into a compatible hyper, and you’re about at the 900k mark. That said, he doesn’t even need to do that to kill a character. He can do just fine by himself. The secret is in the resets.

Having the ability to do a command grab on the ground and in the air gives him plenty of options to doing different resets at any time during his combos. This is an extremely valuable and flexible tool he has at his disposal, because a good player will catch on to a person’s reset game and be ready with how to get out of it after the first three or four times (granted, if they got hit with three or four resets by Thor, their team is dead), and as soon as that happens, you can land another reset that the opponent had no way to see coming. It’s priceless. Thor can get resets anywhere on the screen, and it doesn’t take much for him to do it either.

Head on over to the combo thread and take a gander over all the amazing things there. Once you get 'em down, your Thor will be unstoppable.

Thor's All Mighty UMvC3 Frame Data
We are gods, 'tis our purpose to set aright the path of lesser beings. - Q&A Thread

If you’re playing this dude in Ultimate, chances are you’re already a fan of the character, but just in case, here is a list of Thor comics to pick up that will be sure to show you just how awesome he is courtesy of me and Forever Zero.

DJ’s Recs

[details=Spoiler]For starters, I’m gonna just go on an’ recommend the entirety of Dan Jurgen’s run on the title. Pretty much non-stop epic action with a pretty fun story to go along with it. Out of the run, the stories that particularly stood out the most would definitely be the time after Odin died and Thor got the Odinforce.

Death of Odin
Lord of Asgard
Gods on Earth
Gods and Men

Really good stuff right there. Without spoiling too much, it’s basically about how Thor deals with Odin’s death, how he eventually accepts the responsibility of being the ruler of Asgard, and what he ultimately does as that ruler. And for good measure, you might as well read Ragnarok, too. It’s not written by Jurgen’s, but it’s still epic, and comes right after Gods and Men.

And following that, came along J Michael Straczynski. His run on the title really set up how he is currently, and it really did a good job developing his supporting characters. I remember it getting a lot of flack for it not being as epic and in your face action as the previous titles were about, but I personally thought it was a good direction for a more mature, less headstrong, still boss like Thor. Now, I could go on and on about this for a while, but I’ll leave you with that for now, and if you’ve read it already or want more, feel free to ask for more.

Oh, one more thing. He had the best Secret Invasion tie in ever.[/details]

Zero’s Recs


Thor: Godstorm is a nice 3 part mini-series.
Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus is THEE must pick up if your a Thor fan. 1200 pages of the bible on Thor. About $70 on amazon.
Marvel’s Siege Event from last years event is mostly a Thor story.
Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection picks up right after J.Micheal Straczynski’s Thor run done properly. Great short run. Availble in December.

And yes, JMS’s Thor run is technically rebuilding Asgard on Oaklahoma…but don’t let the idea through you off. It’s amazingly well written. It picks up where Thor died from Ragnorok, and is reborn in the his current Coipel-inspired look. What makes it amazing (aside from the Oliver Coipel’s art) is that this is one of the most grounded, humanized Thor ever seen, so it’s quite the opposite from say Simonson’s run. Simonson’s run is the best look on Thor’s Norse mythology and taking it to the zenith of that kind of caliber. JMS’s makes Thor something I always wanted him to be represented as: wise. He’s very calm and open to idealogies throughout the run, and he see’s Loki as a trouble maker to a fault, and wishes not to even listen to what he has to say half the time, knowing Loki is not to be trusted. No matter what.

And yes, Thor still kicks majory ass when he NEEDS to, not just getting angry and destroying things. Considering Ironman was the most hated comic character back in 2006 and 07…it’s profound to see Thor threatened back (yep. Not even welcomed back) by Tony and Thor literalty giving Tony a piece of his mind about Civil War.

I gotta warn you though. JMS material is “slow burn” material, so it takes time building to something. And the only negative about it (IMO) is the lackluster ending to JMS’s run. It doesn’t end properly at all, and leaves you hanging (because JMS didn’t want to continue writing Thor leading up the Siege event, so he left eruptly). And that’s why I recommanded in my list “Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection” coming out in December. It closese and ADDs more to the ending of JMS’r run really well. And yes, Siege becomes even better if you’ve read both JMS and Gillen’s stuff.

Just pick vol 1 of JMS’s run on Amazon, and give it a try.[/details]


Finger Cramp put up a video show casing the hitboxes of all of Thor’s moves. They’re pretty straight forward for the most part. Be careful not to mistake his cape for a hit box in the video, because it is red.

Thor’s Hitboxes




Glad you got this up and running Ultimate Thor is Serious.


Yeah, just waiting on a mod to un-sticky the old threads and sticky the new ones. Then we’ll be cookin’ with grease on the real. Make sure you and the crew chip in too. This is for all of us. Any tidbits of information you can think of’ll be added into the OP.


Excellent write up on all the new threads. I’ll have to look over them more carefully since I’ve been struggling with dropping Thor.


Hope you don’t. If you enjoy him as a character, definitely build a team around him and work with those tips that’ve been laid out. Best of luck.


Well my thor CV is up if anyone’s interested:

BTW we still need a thor video thread.


Wow, nice combos. Ammy is such a great partner for Thor.


Loving the second to last combo no assists and only one bar still did 865k and you build the bar needed for the hyper during the combo pretty sexy stuff. I have problems Canceling Launcher into TK any tips? I can do it just not consistently.


cant rly take any credit for that FMRoss came up with that combo, i just figuired that you could add a fully charged mighty strike L by dashing down. Im not very good at TKing DP motions myself, what i do is i hold back then quickly TK a QCB motion, in this combo i hold back as i press S so its: cr.LH b.S QCB > UB + H.

Just keep in mind that this combo only works in the corner and against characters with above average hitbox size.

Ya cold star is my favorite assist for thor, its the best lockdown assist in the game imo and works great as a combo extender as well. In vanilla the timing for a fully charged mighty strike after cold star was very strict so it wasnt very practical and i had to resort to the usual mighty spark H xx MT.


We do, don’t we. Don’t know how that slipped my mind.


Ok another video up, this one explains how you can use his now reliable charged mighty smash H to make his resets better. The first 48 seconds is just an intro and explanation of how mighty smash H works so you can skip it if you want. All you need to know is that charging mighty smash H gives you more hitstun but adding an attack with a lot of hit stun deterioration like mighty smash M at the start of your combo causes the extra hitstun from charging mighty smash H to shorten so it affects the timing of your resets. If you know all the basics about mighty smash H and how it works you can just skip ahead to 0:48.



Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured if I’m gonna post something it better be good. Thor relaunch without M Smash OTG. Timing is pretty tight. Got 827k off tridash L with a basic combo. I got this to work on Chun midscreen as well.



Very nice and you are right the timing is strict as all hell, Wont lie had to play your vid loud as hell to get the timing right in the training room you hit buttons HARD lmao. It did help me though so… (Hands you Odin’s Beer)
Edited to add: I play the Piano, Guitar and Drums. Kind of funny how your timing sounds like someone scatting …"paka tiki ta tak thum thum x2 then all hell breaks loose.


Incoming thor rant:

ugh Thor came so close to having one of the best projectiles in the game. I pointed this out like a week ago but in one of royalflush’s matches his mighty spark completely nullified plasma beam so i tested it out and it didnt work in vanilla, they rly did increase the durability on mighty spark. Now the spark itself (not the beam) can eat up projectiles that have lower durability, this includes plasma beam, task arrows, sent laser and drones, although for some of these you have to use mighty spark M or H cuz L is too weak. It still loses out cleanly to IM’s and magneto’s beams as well as some of hawkeye’s projectiles.This is pretty huge because:

1- Mighty spark is already a good AA, so if it could also eat up projectiles then thor would be much better at stopping rushdown characters backed by assists. The spark would nullify/beat out the projectile assist and at the same time its big hitbox stops any rushdown character from getting in (without a teleport). Not to mention that if you catch someone with in the spark you can get a full combo because of the increased hitstun and even on block its giving you advantage.

2- Would make mighty spark a far better assist for rushing down.

3- Would make mighty spark M and H good zoning tools for a change.

The biggest problem with it is that the spark’s hitbox isnt very big below the hammer, so sometimes projectiles can beat it out even if they have lower durability because the projectile goes under the spark. This is especially the case with taskmaster’s arrows, his ground L arrows are almost impossible to completely nullify from full screen even with H spark, it only works if you’re closer or if they use the air M arrows. Can you imagine what it wouldve been like if capcom had slighty extended the hitbox of the spark at the bottom? it would make it impossible for characters like doom and taskmaster to out-zone thor, and it would make it extremely hard for a rushdown character without a teleport or an extremely high priority projectile assist to get in.

Just so that no one misunderstands i still think its very useful as it is, it just couldve been so much more.


Now that Heroes and Heralds is here, I just gotta say that Thor with super armor is the most ballin’ist thing in the world.


Thor + Ultron are OP :smiley:


What’s up guys? Haven’t been playing Marvel lately but has any new Thor tech been discovered?


Not sure if you guys do this or not but it seems to be working really well for me. If I knock out an opponent and the second is coming in I’ll do a full charged ground M might strike as they are entering. They’ll block because they see it but as they fall they tend block low so I follow up with an air A which usually lands, low A, low C, mighty smash etc. It’s been working well if they don’t push block. Something to try…