Never stray from the Saikyo path



…no matter how long it takes. I finally made it to G2D WITHOUT WINNING A SINGLE G2E championship. At times I was ready to tear my hair out in frustration.

However, and this both makes it worth it and adds a touch of irony, the very next championship (my first as a G2D) I win.


Congratz!!! I’m a secret fan of badass Dan players.


Damn straight! Just keep trying and you’ll spread the awesomeness that is Saikyo. Before I get destroyed by ryu’s that hadouken and shoryuken spam, now I have been winning against some really skilled players, and even win or at least give trouble to my tougher match ups (Zangief, Honda, Blanka). I’m still training though, can’t include taunt in my game unless there predictable or complete scrubs. Been getting more legendary taunt finishes too.


Not only have I refused to play anyone but Dan on PSN.
But I have this amazing avatar (props in sig).

Soon I shall start uploading ragequit pics, etc. :slight_smile:
Best one so far was one RQ who pulled the cable just from the VS screen, I never got to throw a single Gadoken~!


I pity those that have yet to embrace Saikyo.


Is it wrong that the only reason I tolerate my baby girl’s favorite blanket is because it’s Saikyo pink?!


I’m taunting my way around G2 with Dan whenever I fancy a tipsy game! Damn its tough!

Is it just me, or do all Ryu’s have ‘get serious’ as their taunt in G2? :frowning:

And blanka’s taunt back the most, which makes me hate the character slightly less.


Taunt often, and run like hell.

These are two fundamental properties of Saikyo.


Speaking of taunting, anyone know where to get a list of all of Dan’s taunts? I’m sticking with #4 right now, because “Don’t underestimate me!” is a great line. :3



Starting 4:48 is all Dan’s colors and taunts. I used to pick #4 and pink, now gold and #7 taunt.


“Namen ja nee yo!” flexes his Japanese muscles (probably get someone correcting me now :P)

I always use #9 because the ass-smack is priceless :slight_smile:


I got a G2A Sagat down to a chip worth of power a few days ago, I had about 70% left, and taunted him until he killed me, just so that he would realize that he lives only due to the mercy of Saikyo.


That is AWESOME.



Now the biggest obstacles in my journey to Saikyo perfection are Ken/Ryus that jump in and sweep ad nauseam and a rash of turtle Ryus. No pit in hell is deep enough for either of type of miscreant.


If they’re the bunny-hopping kind it should be pretty easy to predict a jump and Kouryuken it. Even then if they sweep you up close that’s easily punishable so make them regret only knowing 4 moves :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. I seem to eat foot if I try for a Kouryuken or, at best, trade hits but with them dealing more damage to me than I to them. What can I use after I block the sweep, A hk Danku?


Use Heavy Kouryuken or EX version if you’re doing it late.

Close range sweep can be punished with c.MK xx Gadouken or EX Dankuu if you have meter. From a distance you can still punish with EX Dankuu on reversal and you’ll be expecting that c.HK after a j.HK from certain people so get ready with the EX Dankuu if it’s a shallowish jump-in.


The answer is focus the then crumple them for a free taunt.


Risky, if they see you starting a FA they’ll instantly try to Shoyruken you afterwards and timing it before they get the chance is tricky and even worse if there’s any lag to speak of.


I usually get tagged when I try to FA the jump in but it might be due to getting greedy with how long I charge the FA.

I’ll give the HK Danku a shot, I think I had kind of dismissed it due to trying it, as opposed to the EX version, on jumps that landed the opponent too far away.