"Never trust a big butt and smile." Poison Thread


There needs to be new character subforums.
I can’t hold it in.

My xT main with Dudley is in SSF4 THOUGH.
Calling it out.
Hard Knockdown Rekkas
Meaty Fireball
Links from UNIVERSAL overhead

Hopefully Sunday reveals more.


The SFxT version of this character is not that interesting.


But she won’t be like xT.
It’s not possible since the juggle system’s not the same


Ironic since that character barely used the SFxT engine any…so I think she will be copy past outside of Ultra’s…so ya…Read my guide on the SFxT thread…same ol’ shit i’m assuming.

Edit: note that isn’t a bad thing since her damage output was akin to something of SFIV to begin with…so she maybe ok in SFIV rather then low-tier hero in SFxT.


I think that the new character subforums can wait a bit given the fact that the patch wont be out for 6+ months.


I second that idea.


Ah, new character threads in the abscence of character sub forums. This takes me back to them pre-release Super days.


I’m looking forward to this aswell. I was hoping for an SFV announcement but having Poison in SSF4 will keep me around another year I’m sure!


Thread title is ass-tier. Thread should be named “The Crying Game. Poison thread.”


Just hoping they show gameplay of her in SSF4 today.
Want to hear all the new themes. No idea what Poison’s theme i


Hopefully they fired whoever was responsible for the music in sfxt.


Hopefully Capcom fired whoever has been writing the trash remixes of just about every character theme in their modern fighters. That shit is awful.


nutsvsguts reference?


No this thread title is Godlike. ThirtyFour for Admin.


Gonna be honest, I dont play SFxT and have no real desire to. But Hugo and Poison are in need of some serious tweaks and buffs if they come to SF4. Personally im really looking forward to Hugo and I fear that if not reworked correctly Poison wont be that good. Best of luck to anyone that is going to main Poison.


A) Poison doesn’t have a big but, she has nice long legs and breast. B) She’s going to be low to mid tier at best. He juggle potential is gone, she’ll be mostly a keepaway character. I’m sure she’ll still have her 1 frame links. Her DP will still be ass as it whiffs a lot unless they mess with the hitbox on it. I mained Poison and Rolento on SFXT launch so I’m really excited them being in this new version, but I do have my doubts on Poison.


Poisons booty is pretty big bro. I don’t know where you’re looking


A lot of Hugo’s normals are gonna be massive focus bait without some tweaks.


Just give him random multi-hitting normals that make no sense like Ultra Dhalsim.


Yup. Always thought Poison’s game made more sense in an engine without rolls and 400 damage from 1 bar juggles. 3 frame throw into meaty fireball, YESS