Nevermind, XBL live update only

I am home sick today from work.

I went on-line to play some HDR and an Updated was DL’d when I logged on to HDR.

I am not sure if it was for HDR or XBL in gerneral.

Can anyone confirm?

XBL update.

You will know it’s a title update if it prompts you to download something when you start the game.

it probably was an Xbox live update that’s supposed to fix HDMI sound issues for some people when using the NXE.

If it updated when you logged onto HDR then it should be for the game, seems awful quick though since they announced it.

I’ll go check, works canceled here.

XBL update went live at 2:00 A.M. so I seriously doubt it was a SF:HD patch you saw.

Ya just checked, it’s a XBL Console update, no HDR.

Nothing on the PSN front.

Have you ever had a game ask to update and accidentally cancel? It never asks again after that and I don’t know how to manually download it. :confused:

Probably an Xbox update like the other posters said. If there was a patch out, I’ve seen nothing of the sort for my PS3 version. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the words “the patch is out” :rofl:

Yea, It was when I logged on to HDR. But it seems like it was only a XBL update.

Just log in again with an online account and it’ll ask you again. Microsoft’s rule, at least with disc-based games, is that you can only play an unupdated version if you’re not logged on to Live.