Nevillebamshew's option selects!

thanks neville!
im sure it will help, as long as it doesnt get deleted!

another useful option select is (down back + lp + lk + mk) against cammy and rufus.
normally their dive kicks render crouch teching useless but crouch teching in this manner stuffs dive kicks with your 4 frame anti air.

Yeah no need for that like.

But hopefully people will actually see the value in it after reading and thinking about it for five minutes.

ill keep it nice and safe in this thread, safe from your temper tantrums.

When are you going to give it a rest?

props on this Nevillebamshew!

good job neville!

Raunwynn, is there any chance you could add your Cammy specific lp + lk + mk OS tech you mentioned yesterday to the first post? I think that’s pretty useful information.

that works on rufus too!