New 100% Stun Combo

Before you get your panties in a knot, there are two big problems with this combo:

  • It’s WAY tighter than the Chun Q Elena 100% stun, both in timing and positioning.
  • There is only one setup that truly does 100% stun, and it’s not as practical as the Chun Q Elena setups.

It’s confirmed to work on NECRO (got it twice), IBUKI (got it once), and REMY (a bunch of times) after an hour in Training Mode.

It should work on Urien (almost got it but messed up) and almost works on Oro (too small to keep it going, but his hitbox would have allowed it to work).

If people are getting hype over such a difficult combo as Keeper Jin, you might as well get hype for this one… I’ll reveal it in time after I’ve done more testing. Don’t expect videos anytime soon.


I got my panties in a knot.

Hook us up Jin!

Update: I still haven’t completely landed it on Urien, but Necro/Ibuki/Remy are becoming more consistent. Necro is by far the easiest to land it on, followed by Remy, then Ibuki.

The rocks you get in EX Tengu affect the combo’s timing (and maybe whether it’s possible at all). When I replay a successful combo in Training Mode, it drops Ibuki about 3/4 of the time because of the different rocks called out. It’s 100% consistent on Necro, but I haven’t tested Remy.

sounds interesting enough.

Although I remember that a mid screen reset using close mk was discovered but I’ve never seen that used since then. I think it is to inconsistent to use.

However a 100% on Necro could prove to make tengu an equal option up against Yagyou, which could be nice.

Yagyou is still far more versatile than Tengu against Necro, even with this combo. The key will be getting this to work against Urien, a character people actually use.

Is this the MK combo in the corner that you used to label the ‘99% stun combo’ or something completely different?

It’s a variant of the 99% stun. Against Necro it doesn’t look too different, but against Ibuki and Remy it’s kind of like the bastard child of the 99% stun and the traditional Chun/Q/Elena stun.

Two hints about the setup:

  • Revisit SlimX’s Oro combos.
  • The Strong button is never used.

I’m working on capping the combo, but 4-5 frame lag caused by the capture card isn’t helping things. Using a VCR isn’t practical for me, so I’ll have to keep trying it with lag. Once I record it against all 3 characters, I’ll upload it and post the transcripts.

Until then, I’m keeping you in suspense.

haha so is it just tengu links on a crouching character at a specific range?

the only other thing i can think of is hp fireballs

lots of hp fireballs

Jinrai: I don’t know if its an option for you to buy cables, but if you split the video cable you can play on a TV and let the capture card do its thing with the lag. I’ve done it before, and you lose a little bit of quality, but its not a horrible option.


For the combo to work, the opponent must be jumping in the corner. Judge for yourself how practical that is. If nothing else, it’s nice combo video fodder.

The smallest TV I have weighs about 100 pounds, so that’s not an option either. I’ll keep trying to pull Ibuki’s variant off with lag tomorrow…

Mariodood is technically right since I use a PPP macro on my pad. Of course, you can just activate EX Tengu with Jab+Fierce, so I stand by what I said. :wink:

Ibuki is gon get hurt.


Transcript coming later, I’m burnt out for now. :slight_smile:

Oh wow… very nice Jin! I’d love to see somebody try to use this in a match LOL.

Wow, they start with corner anti-air fireballs. I think I’ll pass on learning these. I’m sure KYSG will do some fun stuff with them, though.

I can’t wait to see my name in the credits of KYSG’s Oro video when it comes out in 2014.

Awesome stuff!

Lol, I think ive actually got another 100% vs necro, it shouldnt matter too much which stones you get either, ill post up ASAP :wink:

dope shit !! :wgrin:

jinrai thanks for proving that there is still stuff to discover in 3s !!

My combo’s stones don’t matter against Necro or Remy either, just Ibuki.