New 100% Stun Combo


Do you know if the chicken combo reduces stun damage that much?

A single launch or chicken hit reduces stun dramatically. You need every single hit to count to stun Necro/Remy/Ibuki.

With the traditional Chun combo, you use an early Jab to get a rock to pop the opponent up. Rocks don’t do much stun at all, so I have to use the anti-air Fierce Fireball instead. Fierce Fireballs do way more stun than Strong or Jab ones, too.

So how many people does that make 100%s possible on?


looking gooood :smiley:

A regular corner chicken into tengu vs yun followed by rhs does about 80% stun, because of yun’s hitbox, the first rh hits distinctly before the first stones, which deals massive stun… Just…not…enough…

It doesn’t work on Akuma. It’s Remy’s hitbox that allows it to work, not his stun bar length.


Thats your comment dude :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a reset, not a combo. If you’re going to count resets, then fine. 7 characters.

Nearly all of the 100% stun into 100% damage combos on akuma are resets, and theyre nevertheless classed as combos.

resets aren’t really combos though, like unblockables arent combos, the only unescapable reset is akumas kkz reset, which would “qualify” as a combo because theres nothing you can do to stop it.

regardless, nice, if a really strange find jinrai. looks pretty useless but whatever.

I just confirmed it on DUDLEY!!! You have to use all Roundhouses. In fact, 6 out of the 7 Roundhouses I landed hit with either 0 or 1 rocks. He’s as close to Chun Q Elena as it gets.

Unfortunately I can’t cap it without doing it all over again. I’d rather use my time to test other characters.

Akuma’s damage on that super is also scaled… so it’s pretty much a combo.

all resets are scaled, the only reason i dont say it qualifies as a combo is because… well it doesn’t say the p comboed into kkz. oros resets are not combos becuse you can in fact, escape them, or choose to take the damage.

In a reset, damage isn’t scaled but stun IS. Also, juggle points are preserved in a reset unless the opponent attempts to parry; as soon as the parry happens, the juggle count instantly resets to 0.

Well IMO the combo isn’t too practical because they have to neutraljump in the corner and you have to throw a fierce fireball that they don’t parry.

Pulling that combo off in a real match is a once in a lifetime kinda thing. =/

people get hit by urien balls still so i can see this combo happening now and again. you just have to activate super on reaction

i agree, even if they do parry you’ll get some damage with the rocks after execution right?

I throw balls up into the air all the time when I have my opponent in the corner, it’s fairly safe against certain characters and has the potential for great damage if it does in fact hit.

The combo itself is pretty difficult… I briefly practiced it on a few characters and didn’t land it once… but yeah I could probably do it if I practiced all day or something… :\

that juggle after supper with akuma, in page 1, is that possible with all opponents ?