New 2012 guile update

Found the translation. Here is the new update:

[Flash Kick]: Deep hit now deals an additional +10 damage across the board: light 110, medium 130, heavy 140 damage.
[Sonic Hurricane]: Damage distribution has been changed from the existing 150+154+90 to 90+304+90. Total damage has not changed, but [Flash Kick] -> [Sonic Hurricane] combo now does an additional 50 damage or so.
[Reverse Spin Kick]: Causes additional 1F of hit stun, leading to a total of +5F on hit.


Very reasonable changes imo. Good stuff.

So if I’m not mistaken…
a) Aside from the increased FADC combo damage, Super -> Sonic Hurricane now does a bit more damage as well? or does the distribution not affect that?
b) Reverse Spin Kick (UDK) combos are now a 2-frame link?


50 more points on a FADC combo… still does about 80 points less then your average FADC comboes…

I could live with the 300 damage SH if they simply made all the hits juggle like every other fireball ultra… it would probably make it easier to land as well, without the need to decrease the startup…

i think that’s it for the damage department… total gain so far is 20 damage, after losing 200+ from Super, so clearly capcom thinks he is right where he belongs.

all I hope for now is 2+ frames of blockstun on SB, and AT LEAST 1.20 range on his airthrow again…

Guys… I think we are good to go! :smiley:

Even though Poochie makes good points, I’m happy with changes so far though.

The UDK buff is exciting. It means anytime you land an UDK at pointblank range you will be able to link to close fierce, regardless of the character. Pretty beefy :tup:

edit: actually it would work with far fierce too, haha