New 2d fighting game from Capcom soon?


I don’t know what the website says, but it has a coming soon.

Anyone know what it might say?

yep, they’re definitely working on a new 2d fighter.

It says it’s been 3 years since they’ve released a Capcom original 2d fighting game, and one will be coming soon.

I don’t see Capcom USA’s copyright on that page, so I’m guessing it’s not the JP announcement for STHD, and to a lesser extent SF4. lol

2d kakutou = 2d fighting game.
Omg. OMFG.

If that’s about SFHD I’ll shot myself

why do they even have a website

…Capcom Fighting Jam 2???

Anyway this probably explains why they are signed up to using Taito’s new Type X^2 hardware in the first place.

And again, I’m pretty sure at the moment this is NOT Street Fighter related as the site has NO mention of a Capcom USA copyright on the webpage.

Something with a 3 in it. Marvel vs Capcom 3?!?!?!

Warzard 2!

Hopefully they don’t disappoint…

You mean you don’t want CFJ2? :rolleyes:

3 years since a 2d fighter, and the next game in the mvc series is 3. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

3 years since a 2d fighter has been released and what they are talking about is CFJ which was released, I don’t know, 3 YEARS AGO.

Anyway, by your logic the game can also be Rival Schools 3 since the next game in that series is also 3.

digg this, yo.

Don’t do this, chances are that he’ll say that rivals is 3D though it really is 2.5D

Remember, you don’t argue with fanboys and scrubs, you either ignore them or flame them till they can’t recover. You of all people ought to know that…




oh gollyyyy first starcraft 2 now this… what a good year for games: D

This is at least a good sign that Capcom is stll interested in making 2D fighters at all. One step closer to a 4th installment of that one series nobody, certainly no one at SRK, would tear their heads out of their necks over…

This is definitely something big though… how many Capcom arcade games have come and gone without an ominous website teaser?

In typical pessimist fashion I will await this game with utmost disappointment in mind.