New 2d fighting game idea

Hi guys, how are you! I come here with a new fighting game idea, I know everyone will love it. Here it is:

The gameplay will be just like Guilty Gear, but with a new feature that will CHANGE EVERYTHING. It’s called “Krails”. Krails are when you can cancel a burst attack into a combo or a super by sacrificing meter. It’s very innovative and SO cool. Here are the characters that I come up with for the game so far, hope ya love them as much as I do:

Haruko Sakahashi: she’s a secretary working for an evil company, and she is very sexy and mature(she wears glasses so you can see how mature she is), and she fights using a typewriter, because she is like the old days lol

Jinzo Harashi: He’s a guitarist and lead singer for a jrock band called “Hearts of Chaos Death!!!”, he has green hair covering one eye, and is very dark and mysterious, and is such a BISHIEsquee he’s also the main hero and is soooooo cool He fights using a sword shaped like a gun that shoots black hearts of chaos death at enemies

Kenzo Harashi: he’s Jinzo’s younger brother and his rival, he’s like a real hotheaded guy who wants to beat Jinzo and prove he is better, he’s hot too, and he wears ballet tights because he prefers more classical arts. His fighting style is ballet and he fights using a rose sword

Baomen: He’s a HUGE man who works for the evil company but he is actually very good and has a heart of gold, and loves kittens(this is to show how original and unique he is as a character design). he fights using dangerous explosive holds, he’s the grappler character.

Judo: he’s a goofy silly martial artist who is mad because Jinzo beat him in a fight years ago, and he now wants to beat him, but he just can’t seem to do it. He’s a buff white american man and the comic relief character, it’s so funny too because he’s so ripped but he can’t beat Jinzo who is thin as a railXD

Also the boss is gonna be something really cool, I was thinking something really original, like a robot woman piloted by a flea riding a dog… wouldn’t that be so awesome?

what do you guys think so far?

This thread is going to be fucking hilarious.

I hope that isn’t the whole cast. If you have more of them please post.

yay i love these threads

yay i love these threads

double post ftw

what the shit is this