New 3DS crossover game includes Capcom. SF characters and more!


I was reading some interesting stuff about a new crossover game between Capcom, Namco and Sega. People assumed it would be a new fighting game but instead come up with something different. It remind me of the Street Fighter 3 EX game. It’s like an RPG but has some elements of a fighting game.

Well, I don’t have that much details about it, but I do have a lot of screenshots and scans. Check this link for the magazine including these scans:

So there you have it. The game is called ‘Project X Zone’ and seems to be set for 2012 in Japan. Looks like a mix of MvsC and The World Ends With You if you ask me. Pretty creative.


lol megaman x




Oh god Capcom actually put Megaman X in a game.


>_> its Namco X Capcom with Sega characters(Valkria Chronicles, etc) …nuff said im getting it…

if you haven’t played a recent version of said battle system pick up SRW OG endless frontier for the DS(really cool game and KOS-MOS is in it too). If you didn’t know…Monolith are the guys who makes these games and they are the ones behind Xenosaga and XenoBlade fame.


fortunetly “bad box-art megaman” isn’t in there. it was a disaster the day they put him into SFxT


Apparently the final Roster count of characters in the game is over 200 characters, meaning there’s at least 66 characters available from each company, plus more.
No I’m not making that up.
I’m usually not the biggest RPG guy, strategy games I’m even less of, but I am soooo buying this.