New 3rd Party XBone Controllers


Just saw the below available at GameStop, each for $39.99.

PDP Rock Candy

PowerA Mini Series

Has anyone had any success or fails with pad hacking these guys? Wondering if this is an alternative to the, though awesome, official controller PCB + Phreakmods Crossbone setup.


@Gummo mentioned the Power A standard is common ground but the bumpers and triggers are active high and the Power A Mini is just triggers active high, so unless you plan on using a Hex Inverter chip for either it’s a no go for now. Unsure about the new Rock Candy XB1 one.

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Looking at the Rock Candy one, I keep wondering if there’s any rationale or requirement in using a dual-sandwiched-PCB setup like on the stock XB1 controllers?..


Did you see the rc in store or on their site. Site says it won’t be out til end of month. Ive gotten the led and mini made by PowerA already. Gonna do a padhack thread for em all once I get the rc


did anyone save the diagrams for the hex-inverter setup? the images are gone on the original madcatz trigger inverter thread.


^ I’d like to know as well since I have that 4716 pad to invert triggers for.


For the time being you can look up the data sheet for the chip and find its pinout.


@Coffeejuice‌ @FrankCastleAZ‌
This one by Toodles?


I just saw the rockcandy controller on gamestop! nice!

also, is there any ps4 3rdparty common ground controller yet?


Think the hori fighting commander 4 might be common ground. I’ll know when jasen gets back from Japan.


I know the Hori FPS controller for the PS4 is not common ground.


THANK YOU @FreedomGundam‌ !!!

Also the PowerA LED series ones are showing up in local Target stores in my area for $44.99!!!

Let me know if you need any donor PCBs for the padhack thread, would like to help move this along.


I managed to find em already at Walmart. I got all three options for padhacking now.


Is the d-pad on this thing at least better than the one on the original XBONE?


they all have crap dpads just like MS own.