NEW 3rd Strike Arcade code: fight GILL every single stage!

OK. Let me start by saying I could not believe my eyes when this happened.


I accidentally entered a code on my Arcade 3S setup (Supergun + TV) that lets you fight Gill every single stage. I was fiddling around with my joystick and the Start button didn’t seem to be working. I hit it several times. I checked my wiring for problems, looked up, and all of a sudden:

It was First stage: Gill. 2nd stage: Gill. 3rd Stage: Gill. 4th Stage, I tried to switch characters after losing (to Dudley), and it went back to normal opponents. So, switching characters seems to nullify the code.

I started out as IBUKI somehow. I don’t recall even seeing the character select screen.

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I DID THIS. But now we know it’s definitely in the game.

To clarify: this is ARCADE 3rd Strike, Japanese version A.


First Stage
First Stage 2
Second Stage
Third Stage
Bonus Stage
Final Results
Final Results 2

Shenanigans, you would never play on an LCD.

I’ve played on an LCD for 2 years. The response time is near-flawless (6ms). My scaler eliminates the rest of the lag.

Again, this is 100% real.

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you beat gill 3 times but lost to yang?

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why’d you switch to dudley and not thanos?

I like how you say you had no idea it was going to happen or how you did it, and despite the fact that it skipped character select, you had your camera ready within 3 seconds of the opponent select screen for a perfect picture. nice.

most people now have cameras… in their phones OR EVEN in their apartments near their computing/gaming shit! you might not be able to believe it but even I have a camera in my phone. I have friends that have cameras in their phones, too.

That’s because I lost to Gill on the first stage, and then continued with Ibuki. The code was only nullified when I switched characters. Sorry for not making that clear the first time.

You can verify this in the ‘Final Results’ screenshot, where you can see that I continued three times. I used one of those continues on the first stage.

You just made the greatest 3rd strike discovery.

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