New 3s player: where to start?

I know, know, just play the game, but unfortunately there’s not a lot of people in my immediate area who play. I’ve surfed the forums looking for some sort of “start here” thread but so far no good; there’s just too much info to digest.

My main characters are Urien, then Akuma and I’m looking for a third.

I want to be a top player but I own the DC version. Is that good enough to practice on?

give up or find an arcade

First of all get the ps2 or xbox version, because the DC version is dumb.

Second of all check and read the character sections, to find information on your respective character.

If you think there are too many things to “digest” and learn, then might as well quit now. There’s no easy way, it’s all about you putting the effort to become a better player or lose all of your quarters trying.

go download all them combo vids… ffa ranbats… actually just go download japanese 3s matches! then… copy… and learn … and BEAST!!!

The real trick to becoming better is to practice until you’re good with one character. As you learn this one character, you’ll also be getting used to the game mechanics, strategies, and timing needed for you to be good (or at least passable) with any character.


It’d take this advice. Then when you got the game mechanics pretty good, then learn every other character (so you know what to expect when you face them, what they’ll try, tricks, etc). If you’re looking for someone to learn with, I think Alex is an easy character to learn, or you can just shoto it up.

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I was just about to recomend that my self.

Watch a lot of videos. Get used to the game mechanics with one character. But then, seriously, take the time to learn every character. If you read how-to guides and play enough, you can learn the basics of every character pretty quickly.

By learning every character, not only do you know what to look for when you play against those characters - you also might find a character you like more than your original one. I used to play Akuma almost exclusively, and I did poorly with him whenever I fought other people. Then, when I was learning everyone, I started really enjoying Oro. More than anyone I’d learned, Oro just “fit” me. All the characters play very differently (even the shotos) so go find which one suits you the best.

And after that, just get out there, find a good arcade, and play other people as often as you can. Playing your friends or the computer on a console version will never ever teach you as much (or teach you as quickly) as having your ass kicked publically by random strangers will.

Start by learning Ken. He’s a very basic character and easy to pick up, great for starting out in 3s.

are you ever gonna make a part two :confused:

You should get the Xbox version so that you can play online. I know that most here think that online gaming isn’t suitable for “high level” play but it is suitable for mid-level play, and some tactics learned and practiced online are transferable to high level play. Plus, some of the competition on Xbox live is good. Though the lag does get annoying, on X-box live I can play against people who can parry super arts and shit. I even met someone who was good with 12. Offline, I can’t even play against someone who knows what a parry is.

Reminds me of my situation and is the reason why I want X-Box live. It’s better than no competition.

Hehe, so are you alive, or not? What’s new with all that?

try to learn what not to do first.

Thongboy only comes out of hibernation to promote his vid.

You watch what this man has to show you. Never seen him in tournaments but his shit pretty much took me from mashing fierce buttons to knowing how to play in a week.

Anyway, there are a few things you need to learn. First of all, DO NOT start the game with Urien, he’s one of the hardest people to play. Akuma would be fine, just know that he takes and does more damage than pretty much everyone else, and adjusting to someone else may take some work. Really, I’d recommend starting the game with Chun Li. Slowly teach yourself these things, semi in order:

All the moves. Be able to do them whenever you need to. When you first learn the games, you have to think about HOW to do something, then do it, you need to get to the point where you don’t think about how to do a dragonpunch (forward, down, down-forward) and just do it. From instinct.

Learn on an arcade stick, controllers are inferior in pretty much every aspect and alot of tourney play is on arcade cabenits. If you learn on a controller like I did then have to transfer to a stick, it’s hard.

Learn your characters combos, about cancelling, links and super-cancelling. For this, watch thongboys tutorial video #1. He pretty muh sums that up. If you really want to get this down, simply get Ryu with SA1 (Super Art 1) and practice doing a hadoken super-cancelled into SA1.

Once you are that far, try out all the characters, find one that suits you best. I use Dudley and Hugo, although I went through twelve, elena and ibuki to arrive at these two. Try to ideally get two and stick with them.

Once you have your characters, the character forums and practice do the rest.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Except for paragraph 4 and the Urien thing, do not listen to a thing this guy just said.

In terms of starting characters, I’d really recommend Ken. He’s very well rounded, and gives you good opportunities to practice everything from utilizing EX moves, to hit confirming and high-low mix-ups. Being top tier doesn’t hurt either.

Akuma isn’t quite as beginner friendly as Ken or Ryu because he takes damage like a little girl.