New 3s Technique: Keeper Jin

Just listened to the new Dr. Subzero podcast…apparently there’s a new Genei Jin combo called Keeper Jin that does “80 or 90”% of your health bar.

The combo, heard off the podcast:
jab short strong xx genei jin, low strong, low forward, Kara-Fierce (kara w/ strong), low forward, kara-fierce, low forward, kara-fierce, repeat.


There’s a vid of boss doing the combo. When I first saw this vid, I thought he was just doing that particular combo because it looked cool…if I had seen the damage he was doing, I might have thought differently. Note that Boss fucks up during the combo, but that’s still it.

So…how long till somebody masters it and Yun becomes more broken then Gill?:looney:

While I’m disappointed that Yun has even more potential now…I’m excited that there are new things to discover in 3s.

Saw that in one of the previous ranbats. I don’t think it’d take 80%, but maybe like 70% max. Also it’s probably position specific, maybe even character specific, i.e. crouching shoto.

In the podcast they said it worked on everyone, crouching or standing.


BTW can you link to the vid you saw it in?


Kara cancelled fierces with low forwards, the starter is different but it’s basically the same thing. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that he’s almost dead anyways, but that damage doesn’t look that severe enough to make him even more retarded… dunno though, it ‘was’ canceled from a shoulder so…

In that vid he cancelled it from the shoulder so that prolly scaled the damage down.

I could’ve swore when I first saw Boss do it, and people started talking about it, that it was just for crouching opponents. If it works on everyone in every situation, and really does that much damage, then yun is just about broke now.

This isn’t a new technique or combo. I know I saw a there was a vid showing this combo against Alex about 2 years ago. It was the “more feasible” of the kara-fierce combos.

Also, check out the damage done by the real kara-fierce combo - [media=youtube]KRdDqWs8nsw[/media]. That’s not 80-90%. St.fp’s do more damage than’s, so there’s no way that this one will.

Knowledge about this combo isn’t going to change anything. Kara palms didn’t make Yun any more broken. This is just something new to show off with.

Not to argue, but that was about 70 on Ryu. Think of what that does to characters with less defense :frowning:

LOL. I like how the health bars are edited. Too hot for YouTube.

Good to see that new things are still being learned.

Good question. I’m still waiting on someone to master kara palms.

true but I think that with perfect execution you get more hits with the “keeperjin” combo since hits faster than kara st.hp, and those extra hits should more than compensate

dunno - kara-palms are corner-only and often the extra damage is not much.
If this is an anywhere combo that does much more damage than any midscreener and some more damage than corner combos, that would make Yun more broken.
I guess we’ll see as soon as someone gets it with a good consistence (and it’s going to happen).

Yea, I’ve seen it before, but I thought it was some joke shit. Didn’t realize it did that much damage.

ino taught fatbear and kenI that combo lol i couldn’t do it shit’s tough

1st part: I doubt the difference would be huge with the addition of low forward. Low forward is significantly weaker than s.fierce, an even if you got an extra 1-3 s.fierces in, the addition of those low forwards would have scaled it so if there were any extra damage, it wouldn’t bump it up that much.

If anything, it does more damage than the “universal/standard” midscreen combo (not counting the character specific finishers). Wow. Like Yun didn’t have a crazy advantage already…

yeah, this combo isnt new at all.

It’s so rarely seen though. Probably because it’s more difficult to do than the regular shoulder juggle mid-screens…

its like doing a kara palm way more damaging yeah, if you can consistently do it, and if you mess it up you drop the combo. you really really don’t need to do this combo. if you can do it, more power to you.