New 3s Technique: Keeper Jin

Marn sucks, so who gives a damn?

he was crouching btw, its a more realistic 55% damage combo since geneijin keeps you crouching. it still probably does 80 max on like, akuma though, but you probably have to be hit out of something if your crouching AND hit by target combo (unless theres a move that leaves you crouching after block i dont know about). its just a really good situational combo, itll make yun maybe slightly better at the highest levels of play. and it has been discovered a long time ago, its just A) situational B) really hard to do. theres probably only two characters that ever have true potential at this point and its yun and urien considering they have the two most versatile super arts and nothing that new has been discovered yet!

I have no idea who he is. Once I see either one used in competition consistently, I’ll give a damn. Looks pretty cool though.

Henaki has the right idea. These so called “new and even more broken!” moves aren’t nearly as broken as many claim them to be. Before people slap on the “OMG BROKEN!” label on things, they need to think about it for a bit.

I know everyone claims they are better than the next guy, but how many people will be able to apply this move accurately and consistently in matches? I admit that I’m not that good at this game. I just started a couple weeks ago and I tried experimenting with Yun in practice mode. I couldn’t even get a 3 hit corner combo 2 times in a row. So there are people like me who have either just started or had very little experience. We will NEVER be able to do even the easiest Yun combo for a while.

Then there are those who have played for a while and are pretty decent, but are not professionals and have not won many tournaments consistently. These players know the finer details of the game, but still lack proper mind games and execution to beat other opponents. They will sometimes get this combo perhaps in practice mode, and perhaps also NEVER be able to do it when it counts, and if it does come out, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a fluke.

Then finally we have our pros. We all know who they are. These will probably be the only people that will be able to use this combo, but I’m willing to say neither effectively or consistently as other well known combos. That video in the first post even showed a highly skilled player failing to properly execute Keeper-Jin.

So in conclusion, it’s a cool, flashy, highly damaging, highly risky, and even more so difficult move that is just another variation among thousands of other Genei-Jin combos. Don’t worry, chances are you won’t get it done to you.

You’re simplifying things way too much.

Don’t expect to only see pros doing this. Good execution skills aren’t limited to pros.

Yes, this combo is cool, highly flashy, very damaging, and extremely difficult. But compared to other high level combos, it’s not actually that risky. I’d rank it as being less risky than karapalms. If you mess up the karapalm combo, you waste time waiting for the opponent to get up. On the other hand, if you mess up the kara-fierce combo, they’re still on the ground, so you don’t have to wait for anything to continue pressuring.

I’m more interested to see how versatile this combo will end up becoming. The only thing scarier than its damage potential is the pressure it creates.

being knocked down can be worse than blocking in some situations. kara palm is a corner knockdown, spamming this and fucking it up can lead to super in the face because the rythym doesn’t change.

tackle maeda did it flawlessly against pyro at SBO in the tournament and pyro had a good amount of life at the time

i was unaware you can parry while being hit…if you are talking about just like walk up kara palm, that is just plain stupid

Cool, another Yun arms race. People here will master it, just like apparently people in Japan already have.

Even if it’s too risky to use in every combo, if the Yun player is way down on life compared to his opponent, this combo will win the round for him where previously the opponent would have lived; if you miss, you’ll probably die anyway, so there’s no reason to not do it if you have a reasonable success rate at it. And that, in my opinion, is retarded.

Down parry into 75% damage multiple times per round! But Third Strike is still totally a great game.

way to read dumbface

if you mess up the timing slightly and drop combo, an os parry is pretty much free. if i was going to die anyway, i’d rather have neutrality than a disadvantage vs yun of all characters.

I only saw one person apart from Boss and T.Maeda doing that combo in Japan - and they messed it up everytime. My bad if its something that many other players have mastered - but that is definitely a surprise to me.

When fighting against high level players - I find Chun a lot more broken than Yun. So do most of the Japanese players I spoke to. Ryan Hart was telling me that a few top Chuns in Japan even told him that they absolutely hate fighting against Chun.

My point - everyone get on the ‘Chun is broken’ bandwagon. Trust me, Yun is probably a thing of the past now.

hey I’m already on that bandwagon!

yo Harmonaz why don’t Japanese players do a softban on Chun-Li/Hoyokusen like they do on O.Sagat and Akuma in ST? I mean it seems like she has the advantage in every matchup except Yun…

Yun is so underpowered.

They ban O.Sagat? News to me. They probably don’t ban Chun cause she’s beatable.

ban chunli? ban yun? stop talk shit
3rdstrike is balanced you not need ban chars

There is no need to ban any character, but 3s is NOT balanced, wtf…

It depends on your definition of balanced. If by balanced you mean “every character is totally equal in everyway” (a completely useless and unattainable ideal) then no its not balanced. If you mean that the game is playable and that the majority of characters can compete, then yeah, its balanced.

If anything is being banned in 3s, it should be white Ken.

I dunno…Chun is beatable but that doesn’t mean she isn’t broken.

I read on that in Japan’s ST scene, Akuma and O.Sagat are “soft-banned”. Basically there is a mutual agreement among the players not to use them, because both of them are broken. O. Sagat is beatable, but the players consider him kind of 1-dimensional, so no one uses him.

If some scrub comes along and uses either of these characters, the skilled players will most likely laugh at the scrub after beating him.

Personally I think the game would be a lot more fair if the top 4 supers weren’t allowed to be used. The current top 4 would still be good,they just wouldn’t have broken supers.

That would give the mid tier a better chance to fight them.