New 3S tournament videos

Featuring K.O, RX, Pierrot, Erotic Teacher, Tak,e Clown (???), Bamboo (??), Pierre etc. Some great Yun (k.o), Remy (take/pierrot), Dudley (erotic teacher) and Urien (RX of course) play.

It appears to be only a few weeks old and about 90 minutes worth. Two bittorrent links at but the site is entirely in Japanese. (march 12) (feb 19)

there are more 3s ranbat videos on preceding pages, so if everyone here starts dl’ing/seeding them, the faster it will be for everyone.

I’m not sure how many people are still seeding it, but if they turn out hard to download, message here and I’ll try to put them up somewhere to download.

  • Oisin

No sources atm.

need somewhere to host them

ok, no sources – but I managed to snag both and they really are a very entertaining watch, especially the 0312ranbat WMV. So, anyone got room to take ~500MB of video?

  • Oisin

They are working. 5 People are now seeding including me (when I have it up). Thanks guys.

Also, 0312ranbat is incredible. Although I the other person had one the last match (don’t want to spoil it), it was sweet.

RX Parried Dudly’s SAIII, that was awsome.

I very much want to see these but I am behind a firewall at my university so bittorrent is not an option. I wish I had hosting that could even hold over 100 megs of space so I could help out.

Does CV host these sorts of things? That might be an option.

My favourite has to be when RX’s Urien and K.O’s Yun get to meet (again 0312ranbat) – jawdroppingly sweet to watch.

Everytime I see RX, I see something new…

Everytime I see KO, I root for the other guy… Yun is fucking CHEAP! :slight_smile:

Excellent vids!

Aruka is really good. That guy needs more credit.

Just last night, there was another update, and the torrent for the ranking battle from the 26th of March is up.


Great news: the guys at have agreed to host 0312ranbat.wmv (by far the best of the lot) – I’ll post the URL up here when I’ve got confirmation of it being live; I’ve got to upload it now :wink:

  • Oisin

And the first fight with K.O (Yun) against Hirai’s Ken is goddamn sickening good: Hirai is sharp as a pigmy’s cock.

  • Oisin

Thank CV! :tup:

Does anyone have the Feb 19th file? Need to chop it for the set.


I do, email me at oising at gmail to arrange the upload/download or whatever.

  • Oisin

new ranking battle up, April 09:

remember how this torrent cack works: if we all hit it, we all get it faster.

there doesn’t seem to be any seeds. i can’t get a tracker

bizarre; I’m seeding it now and there are 9 peers currently downloading from me. That gives you 10 peers: check your firewall/NAT port-forwarding setup. If you don’t have a listen port working you might have trouble.

  • Oisin

I got ranbat 409 and 326, are these vids different ?

abhi: yes, 0326 is the date which means 26th of march :wink: 0409 is 9th of april duh :wink:

you got two other ranking battles though, i suggest you find em, every one is SICK

next ranking battle 04/23 – today

I’m currently – and have been for at least a month – seeding:

  • ranbat_vol11
  • 0121_3rd_vision
  • 0219ranbat
  • 0312ranbat
  • 0326ranbat
  • 0409ranbat

…and according to KSK’s gamers vision site at the next ranking battle is today: 23 April – so look out for 0423ranbat in the coming days.

  • Oisin

p.s. I’ve uploaded 0326 and 0409 to so keep an eye for them there – please don’t ask me any more for copies as the total size is nearly 2GB.