New 3s Vid

Finally talked to Obot and got this bitch up.

Its called “Hey Fuckers”

I quality is :tdown:, but the point is :tup:

pretty good video. Stupid Ken’s super being tooooo fast. god damn. But anyway still good shit.

Thanks yo!

Interesting video, keep it up. :tup:

Thanks man

Cool, another reason to hate Ken.

lol!! :rofl:

daymmmn that shit is mad old ive been doing that trick since the alphas

Well go play you gay Zero shit

one question, the character getting punish by Ken shinpu was controled by another person?

Yes, my fiance helped me…

ok thx

Whoa, whoa, you play Last Blade?
Get your ass on Kaillera.

I didn’t know shipuu was that overpowered.
Guaranteed even after successful pokes? Ouch.


I don’t have internet yet (only at work), but Ill get high speed by the end of this month. Ill hit you up then.

By the way, Love the avatar.


yeah its rough. even landed dash punches with Q arent safe…:sad:

Only the Fierce one

Yeah, only the fierce one, and only if you do it from the wrong range.

Regaurdless, SA3 will catch him, unless hes out of range of the first hit or something :xeye:

Yep, he gets pushed back out of range if you do it from the right range. I’m sure it’s the same thing with a bunch of the attacks you showed Shippu reversing, too.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Ken can lick my peepee.

Well, the vid has nothing to do with range so… Glad you pointed that out though