New Abel player and it's issues!

Hi, I registered to this forum about 10 minutes ago - to ask a question. Old time fighting game fan, played online and realized I wasn’t as good as I thought.

I recently got SF4 on the 360 and obviously loving it - but I have a number of issues that I could use your help on - I main Abel and pretty much never touch any other character. I’m going with something I’ve never done before - to focus on one character. Hopefully I’ll ask questions other people also wonder. Anyways…

Issue 1!

After hearing that Abel is an incredibly effective rushdown character, which I’m adapting to. Which makes my head forget that, there is a defense. When I defend, I usually get guard-screwed somehow and shoryukened (because 90% of the matches are Ken anyways.) and I always forget that I can roll as well. Any way I could practice to get out of these situations?

Issue 2!

I’m having incredible problems timing openings in the defense - leading me to be very easily beaten once I’m on the defense. I know practice will help this, but anyway to give me a booster how to get back on the offense?

Issue 3!

I’m not the best player in the world, I’m using an 360 controller (I’m poor!) and, I wonder, is there some easier way to pull off TT’s? I’m having a horrible time trying to get them in - mostly I get them in through luck. How can this be improved? I mean, I can do Akuma’s red hadouken with ease, but this one is off by far. I usually end up doing c. sp/mp/hp FOLLOWED by a TT, which doesn’t work too well since I can’t reach them then - leaving me open.

Final Issue!

I’m having way big problems with comboing. I’m pretty much abusing c.o.d until they’re dead - hoping they don’t have brains. I have huge problems with focus cancels, because I’m mostly suprised that I pulled one off that I can’t follow up with anything.

Final Issue part. 2!

I forgot one thing. How the HECK does one beat Blanka? I’ve never beaten Blanka. Halp.

There are other threads created for this type of thing, in particular the Q+A for asking simple questions here:

For issue 1, you can go to training mode and either record the other player doing what you have issues with combating or set it to CPU to practise on a (slightly) less predictable opponent. For issue 2, learn some pokes, and like you said - practise. Issue 3 you CAN reach them after c.lp with a TT, but the timing is the kicker - you can’t grab them in hit stun - surely someone without the 09 badge can verify, it never worked for me so I just adjusted to timing that did. You only need to go from down forward to back, and you can use the plastic rim of the stick as a buffer (if you’re with the pad you’re screwed - either get a fightpad or a Hori EX 2 stick, which is quite reasonably priced).

Final issue, you hold the focus press dash then let go. Otherwise you will hit them with the focus. To beat blanka read the characters/matchup thread. It’s stickied!

And good luck, but please use the other threads to ask these questions. Execution cannot really be helped, its just a matter of practise [and before anyone complains about spelling, I’m an English speaker, practise is the verb, practice is the noun. American only has the one spelling I understand, but now you know].

EDIT: also, if you want help there are people with their GT in a thread called Abel players of XBL (and I’m sure there is a PSN) version that will happily give you some pointers and have player matches with you. There is a main list in the general SF4 forums which will get you a variety of people who play different characters.

I hope this was at least somewhat useful, but please be aware that people frown on posts that could be asked elsewhere, there is already a vast amount of information available, and although the search functionality isn’t brilliant and sometimes there are lots of pages of these threads, your question is most likely already answered somewhere. I’ve only been a member 2 months (joined first week of June) and even I am getting frustrated with drop outs when trying to connect to the forum. I really feel sorry for those who have been long time members and have had this explosion with SF4, but note that not all 09ers are idiots. A gentle redirection at first will hopefully keep more people playing and lead to better competition [of course after the redirection and the OP noting it these types of threads should be removed - probably a full time job in itself]