New Abel user

Whats up board. As the title says I am a new Abel user… im currently on a journey to really learn to play Abel effectively. My main problem I have is that I come from being a Balrog player who obviously has a kindergarten learning curve.

Anyways… playing with Balrog and his very linear style I actually think kind of put a speed bump in my gameplay as I dont utilize all of Abels mix ups to the full potential (f***in balrog)

In battles I often find myself spamming certain things A LOT. im constantly doing cr lk 2 or 3 times into standing lk into dash MK. Then when I get close I usually just try and go for an EX throw or crossup MK into his HP into Change of Direction

And when I knock someone down i am not nearly as effective as I should be. I tend to always go for the neutral jump right next to them (which never works but has always worked on me lol) and then I get knocked back and I start the process all over again.

So I was just wondering if anyone had this sort of problem when they started up with able and how did you program you brain to utilize all of his mix ups. Any certain things to practice in training mode or a real fight. I love watching high level Abel play and I hope to get there eventually. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :chat:

Delete this thread and go find out how to play, there’s plenty of information already in this forum. Your questions are so vague and the answers encompass so much information that you could write a small novel answering all your questions.

I am sorry if I have offended you in any way.

You didn’t, I was just saying, bro.

Being a new player, you are going to develop patterns. That’s just part of learning a new character. But, getting better with a character means breaking those habits.

It’s worth noting that,,,, f+mk isn’t a bad thing to do. It’s just something you have to mix up. Getting in Abel’s f+mk can involve a lot of footsies; you just need to learn different set-ups. It can be as simple as landing a raw f+mk from time to time, to crossing up with a

It sounds to me like you’re just learning a few of his bnbs and don’t exactly have very many options to choose from. Remember that, cr.hp, fierce FS does more damage than, cr.hp xx fierce CoD.

I’d say every Abel player–hell, I’d say anyone who’s ever picked up a character–has developed patterns. But the better Abel players break those habits.

Try reading and get used to some of those combos you didn’t know. Instead of always jumping in with, use j.fp. Try using cr.lp, or cr.lp, s.hp into their respective CoDs. Use c.lp, to fish for counter hits. If hits as a CH, you can do a fierce CoD rather than a strong CoD. Try to learn some tick throws while you’re at it. Learn to jab/lk into a TT tick, or using f+mk as a hit confirm (s.hp xx fierce CoD on hit, fierce TT on block).

I would also suggest reading the stickied thread at the top of the forum labelled “Abel beginners thread”.

Just saying.

New players tend to…

A) Be unable to read.

B) Want a special pat on the back for going into a character forums.

Happens all the time, just saying, bro.


you’re basically asking us how to play abel, which there really is no way of saying. read the beginner threads to learn the movesets, watch videos to see how they’re applied, pay attention to the flow of the game. there’s no flowchart for abel :nunchuck:

Check out my thread, i’ve got a video showing some basic mix ups with abel that you’ll find usefull in your game.