New ads are the worst

They’ve memory heavy flash videos, with sound. And they aren’t muted at the start. And they unmute themselves at the beginning.

I’ve gotten this cat one just unmuting itself in the background like 30 times. Was really weird when I wasn’t even in the room and I started hearing like, a cat driving a car or some shit.

Seems to be tied to the NewYorkerToons thing.

Highly annoying when I open every thread I want to see into a new tab.

I swear if I hear that same myspace ad one more time…

where are you guys seeing these ads? i never see ads, closest thing i see is the “news” feed at the moment…

I have some type of adblocker but I still get these random smaller ads. I can turn the volume really low on them so it’s not as big of a deal. I’ll probably just look for ad block plus and see how that goes.

i just use firefox, i haven’t actively installed any popup blocker that i know of. I also use zone alarm though.

yo this shit is mad annoying, pls fix bruvs

Yeah, I’m having the same problem with ads unmuting themselves. It does start to get annoying.

man these ads suck ass.

Oh, so THAT’S what I’ve been hearing all day. I’m getting these quiet ads involving silly Internet cat videos or whatever and I don’t know where they’re coming from. Thought I caught a virus or something but I hadn’t done anything that might cause me to get one. Scan turned up nothing.

Yeah, they’re incredibly annoying.

can we get rid of these fuckin ads?

There is a new Underworld Evolution ad that shows up beneath the inbox and alert links and when you hover over them for the drop down menu, the Underworld ad stays on top of them and you can’t navigate the drop down menu at all. With other ads the drop down menus go over them.

The new one for doctor pepper occasionally does the same thing as the underworld ad. Probably happens about half as many times, but it still happens.

wizard logic

ban people for telling them how to block these intrusive ads that make me not want to use this website at all

not fix said ads

I get different ads, but the same sort of thing happens to me and it makes using my user panel a pain.

I’m all about not fucking with the man’s money, but shit. These ads are intrusive and annoying as hell. I loaded up SRK on IE for shits and giggles, and proceeded to close it out in horror. The Complex toolbar doesn’t have shit on these auto-play ads.


I’m trying to work with you here, I use bandwidth and I’d like to make sure you’re compensated…

But is adsense not good enough or something? This shit is myspace-tier.

We are looking into the ad that is blocking the functionality of using the inbox and alerts.

Thanks WIz.

the easiest and most future proof thing to do is just change the .Menu z-index property to 1000000 or higher


Chrome or FF/Greasemonkey users, use that to make alerts and ish actually display above the ads (until the problem is fixed on SRK itself)