"New Advent" Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2.6 Tournament on 23rd August 2009

Most prolly the last ah2.6 tourney in a loong time :sad:

Player standings
1: Kilvear
2: SugarMilkTea
3: Jehuty
4: Farp
5: Ah Ning
5: Chichiboy
7: Hayate
7: Sevalle
9: Dneo
9: Allan

The Tournament PlayList


Loser’s Bracket


2nd Round of Loser’s Bracket

4th Placing

Winner’s Finals

3rd Placing


GJ, Sugarmilktea.

Glad to see there’s still AH2 tourneys somewhere in the galaxy.

You guys gotta beat Kilvear one of these days!

thanks nappy lol… Well next tourney will be with ah3 when it drops :o

Kilvear is too strong for us to handle! Well there’s always our lilica pro xlenz to beat everyone :sad:

I think you guys have the wrong idea. I really luck out on this tournament. These guys are beat me down any day and they usually do at casuals.

Lol. I forgot how horrible I played in this tournament.