New AE Combos?



Hi, I know many of fei’s normals where buffed but what new combos is he capable of doing in AE? I know 2:

Close standing Mp, cr.Hk
Now you can link st.lp into cr.Hk

are there new combos apart from this too? I found out that you can combo close standing mp into chicken wing but i dont know if this was possible in super xD


Good question. Give the Simple Questions thread a glance real quick–that’s where we encourage people to ask one-liner’s like these. I’ll post a response to your question there and I’ll add the link to that post in this one once I make it.

[edit] This is my response:


Go on youtube and look at snoooootch’s fei long videos…there are new links like>chickenwing


Existed before AE.