NEW AFRODOJO House - Looking for 1 more ROOMATE!

Sup all, you heard right. Have a beautiful 3 bedroom house chillin in Sammamish and we need 1 more roommate to make the magic happen.

Being in the Afrodojo, a couple criteria you should be aware of if you are considering.

  1. There will be a lot of traffic in the place (game nights, tourneys, live streams going on)
  2. Turning Garage into an Arcade
  3. House is on a lot of land, huge backyard (lots of BBQ’s will be going on)
  4. Utilities split between all
  5. MUST BE CLEAN!! Can not stress enough the importance of good hygiene and the ability to cleanup after yourself
    6)Willing to contribute towards improving the Dojo
  6. This place will be the new stomping grounds for NW scene

If you are down with this, please feel free to get a hold of me, Jason Cole and we can talk about it.

Rent: 600
Address: 1624 216th ave SE Sammamish, Wa 98052 (google it)

Extreme gamers are mainly wanted, cause I dont believe anyone else can handle the intensity! :wink:
Take Advantage of being able to train with the best the NW have to offer 24/7!

Please get back to me ASAP!! We need that extra roomate SOON!!!


I can’t live with you since I own a condo with my gf, but I’m glad to help out with any events/etc you have. I live right up near MS in Redmond, so I won’t be far.

can’t live you cause I have payments to make BUUUUT I AM DOWN TO BBQ WHEN YOU WANT COLE

wow, what a sick offer.

tapping this thread so it can BE AT THE TOP!!! Im serious folks. Looking for one more dude. Rent is 1800 the math is, 3 peeps (600 each). We do have another area made into a room for a 4th. If we get 4 (500 - main, 450,450 - normal rooms, 400 small)

Really looking for clean, dedicated gamers and people really trying to get that reduced rent. House is HUGE, plenty of room to make it ultimate bachelor/gamer/pimp pad.


im seriously considering this but gotta come up with some funds

Yea I’d be all over this if it wasn’t for the fact I’ve been looking for a job for 6th months and haven’t gotten anything. Maybe I can get something going before the small room gets filled lol…

Please feel free to ask friends that you think would be interested. I know not everyone frequents SRK all day so please, spread the word.


Please feel free to ask friends that you think would be interested. I know not everyone frequents SRK all day so please, spread the word.


bumping up, really need that roomate =)

See everyone at Tourney Wars tonight!


Woo got that 3rd roomate!!! Looks like the Dojo will be opening up soon. Still need a 4th person, but will be going forward with moving into the place with just the 3. Get ready to step up your game folks…AFRODOJO is about to level NW up!!


Good shit on getting the place. Man, this is hella close to where I work. I’m about to be there all the time.

Same, I htink it’s like 15-20 minutes from my place, but it’s still nice to be on the East side.

Assist ok!

I heard a beastly rumor about roommate # 4…

Freedom Bunker to the AfroDojo: 29.9 mi ? about 37 mins (up to 1 hour 10 mins in traffic)

If 405 and i-90 are sucking you can always take 520 and then sammamish parkway. (That’s the way I’ll be going anyway since I live near the edge of 520.

520 is never good expect at night like…8pm. One can take alot of surface streets just to at least stay in motion compared to freeway ugliness from Mill Creek and Sammammish.

Even further away from Bremerton Beastville than Zach’s. Definitely will have to try and hit it up when you’re up and running.

Good shit, Cole!

520 is awful from like 3-7PM on weekday going east, but otherwise, eastbound atleast it’s usually OK. Just an alternative for those coming from the north.