"New Age Cable"

On the NEC stream, Chris Matrix and others are referring to Hawkeye as the new age Cable. I’m curious what you Hawkeye mains think of this? Do you agree, disagree? Why?

Disagree. I think he’s better.

As someone who played Cable in MvC2 (I had to choose 1 of the four gods to be competitive) I always thought Nate Summers was overpowered, but too limited. He was too dependent on keeping his opponent pinned with Gun Fire & Viper Beams, and trapping them with a grenade throw while Sentinel or another projectile assist covering him. Once anyone with good combo ability got in on him, he was dead.

With Hawkeye, the tools are just superior.

Triple Arrows to chip, Net Arrows to stop rushdowns, Electro Arrows to counter Beam Spammers, Poison tip to dwindle down those 1mil characters, just like in the comics, he has an arrow for any situation he might face. Plus if someone does get in close, he has a slide that can start combos, an air:h: that hits twice to disrupt super-armor, and arrows that can OTG to continue combos. He’s not that fully balanced that he can be used in rushdown, but as his win quote says “He’s not too shabby without the Bow & Arrows, either.”

I don’t know enough about cable in marvel 2 to give a detailed opinion, but in terms of essence of a character, I definitely think hawkeye is the closest thing to cable we’ve gotten in marvel 3. From all the marvel 2 vids I’ve seen it seemed cable was a character all about controlling space and putting as much shit on screen as possible at any given time, he had the tools to control every angel on the screen, but never at the same time which was where sentinel and commando came into play. Also he had the now infamous AHVB. Hawkeye has all of the above so yea I definitely think he is the closest thing to a new cable.

IMO, Hawkeye’s better. Cable was overpowering, but Hawkeye’s just much more versatile. Cable was a beast, but put him in a mismatch and he goes down as easily as anyone else. With Hawkeye, there really are no mismatches. He has the tools to handle nearly any situation.

Hawkeye does not have AHVB. Gimlet is amazing, don’t it doesn’t have shit on AHVB.

I think you guys are overplaying Clint’s abilities a little bit. Closest thing to Cable that UMvC3 has? Certainly. Better than Cable? Probably not. Despite Hawkeye’s array of moves, I think he still has a harder time zoning than Cable ever did due to having to commit to one projectile while in the air. Cable could at least cancel his j.H with a Viper Beam or a grenade to pretty much always lock down the bottom half of the screen. That grenade had a lot of presence.

That said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that, as a community, we can make Hawkeye as cheap as Cable was.

Another Disagreement!

AHVB was Beast, but it only proves that for Nate Summers to be a nightmare, he needed meter. Cable with 3-4 Bars…you wouldn’t DARE call in an assist. Cable with no meter, you’d be surprised how predictable his strategy is. As for Gimlet, I think it’s just one step away from being AHVB. It’s just as fast, can hit an assist if their close enough to the point character, and can punish even a mere flinch. Hell, I had people trigger X-Factor just so they wouldn’t get hit by it. Plus, where AHVB juggles your opponent, Gimlet, if it hits a grounded opponent, creates HUGE hit stun. How big?

Enough for Chris’ Grenade barrage to hit…fully.

Although I do agree with you Hawkeye’s status. I want him & Ghost Rider as the gods of Zoning in this game…and I’m doing my part. =)

Cable with one meter is much scarier than Clint with one meter though.

I disagree on Clint being better. Yes, he has a move for many different situations…assuming you get to control or dictate or predict the situation.

He’s still the closest thing to Cable, but one vital difference is no shot in air to more shots/lockdown, which I think defined a lot of Cable’s play really.

Hawkeye is way better than Cable. In MvC3 format. In MvC2 format Cable reigns supreme. Cable wouldnt survive in mvc3. New game, new rules.