New age sticks for a older title

Ok all though I am not particularly new to the fighting game scene, I have almost next to 0 knowledge when it comes to sticks and moding them. Currently I own 2 sticks the madcats Street Fighter IV Fight Stick and the Wireless Fight Stick that comes with the tekken 6 pre-order bundle. The problem i have is that i cant play any of my ps2 fighting titles with them. Now here is my question is there any possible way to play PS2 fighting games using a PS3 arcade stick or am I better of purchasing a new ps2 fight stick and a converter? Can someone help me out with this please?

u answered your own question, other than going the complex route

You didn’t specify whether or not you wanted to play them on a BC capable PS3, or on a legit PS2. But frankly, it doesn’t matter either way. It’s not possible with those sticks as they are. Making it happen will involve either tech work modifying the sticks (replacing the boards inside the sticks) or getting a new stick.

I can play PS2 fighting games with my modded SF IV TE Joystick. :slight_smile:

How does that contribute to the discussion?

Anyway you should get one of the tekken 5 anniversary sticks. I see them all the time on ebay for $30 - $50. Its a great stick for its price even without modding it.

Wait…on my friend’s ps3 that’s BC, we use the TE sticks to play PS2 games (SFAC and GGXX) and I don’t seem any noticeable input lag. However with the cost of PS2’s and PS2 sticks, I think that would be a better option if your PS3 isn’t BC

Actually, yeah, its pretty close to the HRAPs of old, and you cant go wrong for that price, I have one, and even though the stick is getting kinda loose, and the buttons a bit squishy, its still kicking, and I have played thousands and thousands of matches with it, its a pretty good stick.