New Akuma main



I just recently started playing Akuma again as he is my favorite character in the cast but i was always told he is not a good character to start off with but know that i feel like i have enough knowledge of street fighter 4 in order to pick him up i have no idea where to start in learning Akuma and how he is supposed to be played. I would appreciate if people could add me on XBL: Kelpocalypse and teach me a couple things or link me to very useful information about Akuma and how to play him effectively. I’d appreciate any help I can get.


add me up on skype and I will be thy sensei. skype name is ugo_2u


Basically when you learn a new character you have to do alot of reading and researching, but if you want to be a decent player then you have to be willing to spend alot of time in training mode (also remember to read your bible pray everyday if you want to grow :wink: *I love that song)

Here is the optimal way IMO to learn a new character

  1. Learn how to move
  2. Learn their normals which one is safe and not, and their ranges
  3. Learn their specials and ultras
  4. Learn to Anti Air (win alot of matches with this alone)
  5. Learn basic combos and tick throw set ups
  6. Learn to defend/block
  7. Learn the basic VORTEX
  8. watch alot of top people and players (Tokido… Eita, Pikachu Akuma, -6 and Infiltration) who play towards your style
  9. Ask questions on the forum
  10. Go easy on yourself

These will help you.


Thanks for the info. I think I have a basic sense of how to play Akuna I do watch a lot of match videos and I’ve been in the critique my Akuma thread watching how other people play and the setups that they use but that the most difficult thing for me to apple in a match is what setup should I do and I really have to just research I guess so I can know my options for my mixups and situations. I’ll add you on Skype tho.


The main way is to just try. And fail. And try again. Succeed. Try once more. Fail. Try and try. That’s the only real way to build confidence in doing something in a real match.


I just picked up demon boy too. I’d like to sit in an endless and just crunch through everything. Care to take on another?

I have been reading and testing things out so far. Not going well honestly.


Same ive been reading and testing but not much success. You can add me on XBL : Kelpocalypse


Added ya. I’ll be on later tonight. Looking forward to it. I have to step away from Ryu for a while and I think Akuma is the answer for me. ugo_2u, think you’ll be around as well?