New Akuma player looking for a few decent players (preferably akuma players) to play online


Posted this in the Akuma thread, so sorry if this is redundant but decided to post here as there would be definately have more exposure on the main 3s thread. Very green akuma player here whos played for about 8 months but still stuck behind that glass ceiling. tried all strats I’ve seen online but punishment from others then abounds. kind of hard as when I start getting overly punished for trying, hard to reinforce the use of such strats ( its kind of like pavolovs dogs where if I dont see a positive reinforcement or effect when using these strats then I am going to be scared to use them… u know what I mean? )

cant seem to push my game further, but seeing the great masters themselves walk all over certain match ups (including ones to their disadvantage) really gives me that aspiration to do more. So basically looking for really experienced Players (preferably ones who play Akuma main but still open for anyone) to play me and give me a few tips. now I believe I am pretty infamous online, and go by the handle Patashnikk (ringing any bells guys,?) and a I know a few really good players just dont even want to bat a eye in my direction (I get turned down by expert players alot on ranked… yea.).

Akuma is tough to learn and if used wrong can be cheap I know so I dont think i am a online fav, but I really want to play akuma neigh-profressionally, I pretty much eat,sleep (S***T) 3s right now but not really learning anything and I think I learn better through practical there and then lessons rather than read things up things online ( though that does defo help dont get me wrong but putting that to practise in the right suitations usually means being punished and players can see I am trying to use a certain blockstring or demon flip mix up… so yea)

Iknow practise practise practise is a given, but i think playing actual good players and not ones that are able to exploit game mechanics to win ( I mean in a cheap way ofc, ) would definately push my game.

thanks for your time guys.


just watched one of your vids in the gouki section…

honestly, youll learn more from watching and studying high level videos than playing vs online scrubs or reading anything on event hubs.


yea I do already ^^ (yuki otoko jiro, match, kuroda, Boss, ect) very hard to put their stuff to practise as people usually see it coming online and just seem to incorporate that predictability into a HORRIBLE combo (one guy call rius I played recently seems to kill me in less than a min >.>), and these top akuma players are good at mix ups so that predictability does not happen. think thats my biggest problem is trying to overwhelm . Those high level vids are great but atm need to learn the footsie game I suppose…


I remember someone posting kuroda’s gamertag somewhere on these boards. You should add him and ride the road to success.



hey black, a fellow akuma player/friend online told me about u. Fancy a few games sometime? =).


urggh I know the thread seems like a joke, just determinded to get better I guess, obviously wont get better instantly but a few tips here and there cant hurt… the gulf between new and experienced players is very unforgiving so want to try and get the best advice I can.

off topic: btw Danter see your a ken ishii fan? ever heard of Takkyu Ishino? (did the music for the ending credits theme for the anime film Memories) really good stuff from him. (< big old school techno freak).


Just quit. If you’re really interested in becoming a good player, unless you live in NY, SoCal or JP, the odds of finding someone to practice with IRL are very slim, and haha, online play.


think I might have phrased my quiry wrong. I am not exactly looking for tips from like ultra high teir players, just experienced players who can push me in the right direction in ways to improve my online game play by playing me online…

sigh why do I feel like I’ve just painted concentric circles on my forehead ¬______¬…


Don’t worry, OMG Its a duck is just a cowardly troll who gets off on trolling. It’s the only thing he has after being molested by his uncle on multiple occasions.


If you just wanna get better online, just do air tatsus and air fireballs and xx lk tatsu, SHORYU on hit, block or whiff. And when in doubt, go dumber.

Also remember to torrent plenty when you’re playing so Akuma turns into Wesker with the teleporting. Congrats, you’re awesome online now.


I get the feeling that the srk community isnt really newbie friendly…¬_¬…


sorry couldnt help myself >.> [media=youtube]lLfud_qjwfM[/media]


Dude, you use emoticons with every post, and are just asking for help to get better with no other information. I mean, I’ll troll you online with Stomp BS if you really want, I just don’t see how I can give more advice than ‘play more’.


you forgot to add "hey I DONT take kindly to people who use emotes to end each sentance… ".


Wait, so now you don’t wanna try to get better after I called you dumb for acting dumb? What happened to “I pretty much eat,sleep (S***T) 3s right now”?


well its not like any of your responses were serious, so maybe give me some serious responses and I wont respond in a silly way. shrug


Ok, I’ll play you online right now, seriously.


sigh I think I should quit this thread while I am ahead before it gets vituperative…

OMG: I am not sure I am gonna get much out of the game other than rapid ducking up and down in a teabag kind of fashion and taunting which I’ve seen plenty of already m8, and dont need any lessons in low brow online trolling taunts that werent even funny when Red vs Blue tried to parody them…

OK think I’ll just abandon the thread, OMG theres the brick wall , I hope u have fun venting at it =)


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