New Akuma player

I’ve been playing as Ken since the beginning of SF2 and only used him. However I started playing as Akuma not too long ago and initially I found a few characters I really struggle against when using Akuma. First one is Cody. His ground play seems to destroy Akuma’s. Another one of those characters I find really hard is Gief. Quite literally it’s terrifying when he closes you down. At least with Ken I could use years of experience to wear Gief down and play safe.
A well known point but something I’m still coming to terms with is Akuma’s low energy. I’ve been beaten due to a little mistake and hit with a massive punish when I was doing well until that point in the match. Really harsh.

Most importantly I find him enjoyable to play as. I was a bit one dimensional with only one main character to pick from so I hopefully I can improve with Akuma. :slight_smile:

Akuma has a good ground game as well, you can’t just rely on jumps and demon flips to get in because a good player will completly shut you down. When Cody is rushing you down just block, if your really having trouble and have 2 bars, do a HP Srk and if you hit confirm it let it flow if you noice by the 2nd hit they blocked FADC and then you can pressure them.
With Akumas low health, that s pretty much his downfall in my opinion, Its also the reason Im currently trying out new mains lol. I’ve been using Akuma since Vanilla and I always hated how you can be playing so well, someone will random DP you that you didnt anticipate and all of your momentem plus 20% of your health is gone, something you just gota accept, I would say play safer but Akuma is a character that needs to rush down which can’t always be a safe thing to do.

Yes Akumas lacklustre health is definitely his greatest weakness. I feel nervous about applying pressure at times because I know the amount of players
online that mash DP and it can put some serious hurt on Akuma. This isn’t normally a problem because punishing the DPs is pretty damaging in itself, but I find that my defensive habits sometimes carry over against better players making me miss out on a lot of pressure opportunities.