New akuma thread

Old one died.i guess not many people play with this guy these days. i’m a n00b but I still decided to start a new one. In the old threads there were alot of “you can’t combo into RD” but there are plenty of setups for it. every once in a while i’ll play akuma/im(projectile)/sent(ground)

Something i usually do when I play that team is…dash in, and jump while calling either of those assists,then attack as soon as i land and hit the raging demon commands while they’re being hit by the assist(lp,lp,f,lk,hp)

another good thing to do is err…if a character on your team(other than akuma) is being rushed down, you can counter in akuma(expansion assist) and while the hurricane kick is hitting them cancel into his air fireball super then dhc into whatever else…

last time i did that i countered him in, hurricane kick xx air fireball super xx hailstorm xx proton cannon…did nice damage

i dunno tho,anybody else have any suggestions?