New Alpha 3 vids at a-cho


On your left, go to the 3rd to the last link before “LINK”.

For the sake of the new members/guests that are browsing SRK, a-cho holds tournaments every month and puts up various vids on their site, including A3, 3S, ST, CvS2, GGXX, SamSho5, and VF4.


Thanks for the update. I was waiting for more acho A3 video. I am currently d/l them, and I was wondering if any of these videos have characters besides Gouki, Gief, Sim, or Sakura?
new Video 1: Sagat vs. Gouki
New Video 2: Nash vs. Gouki
New Video 3: Sagat vs. Gouki
new video 4: Sakura vs. Sagat
New video 5: Ryu vs. Nash
New video 6 KEN!! vs. Nash

All v-ism


i cant understand shit on that site someone give me a direct link ffs


the site doesn’t allow direct links.
Just go to the toolbar on the left, and read what the internet explorer says at the bottom left. Once your mouse scans over something that is interpreted as “Video 20” or something close to that, click there.

Or just run it through altavista translater and find it that way


3-21-2004 Tournament

a: V-Rolento vs. V-Ken
b: A-Dhalsim vs. V-Ryu
c: V-Zangief vs. V-Ken
d: V-Ryu vs. V-Ryu
e: V-Ken vs. V-Charlie
f: V-Ryu vs. V-Charlie
g: V-Akuma vs. V-Zangief
h: V-Sakura vs. V-Sagat
i: V-Sagat vs. V-Akuma
j: V-Charlie vs. V-Akuma
k: V-Sagat vs. V-Akuma


Always cool to see some v-ism craziness from the japs:D


may i have a god dam link?!:mad:

my head hurtz from this gibberish!:frowning:


Click the black tab on top. Then click the second to last link on the left side and scroll down.


Man this is messed up. I’m trying to manage but any help would be appreciated.:bluu:


just get them at the hub…


6 new vids up.


Where is that? ? Navigating around a site which i can’t read it pretty tough so bear with me.

Edit - I just figured it out. You guys say at the bottom left but it’s at the bottom right !!!1 Get your dirctions straight!!


The layout has changed. All directions posted in this thread were correct at the time of writing.


Ohh my bad, I downloaded the first video there it was V sakura vs A Gen. Pretty good match.


Guess what… I CANT READ THAT SHIT!!!


Enter the main site which is the white page. Scroll down all the way towards the bottom, you will then see an orange line of text to your right, above that will be more text and the text that is underlined are the videos. Once you put the cursor over them you should get info down on your toolbar about the video. They are wmv files.


Here you tards’ :lol:


So how long does it takes before the new batch of vids come in. Since this is a monthly or weekly (not sure) tournament it should be soon right? I need more V sakura vids along with V ryu and V akuma.:cool:


Jin, just a suggestion if you need more vids…


What is the link for the Hub?