New and having plenty of problems

I’ve been into gaming for a very long time, never really got in to the whole 2d fighting game genre though. I decided I wanted to change that, so I recently decided to pick up UMvC3.

First day playing (about a week ago), I decided to jump into online mode immediately. I got my ass handed to me several times which I expected for the most part due to the fact that I didn’t know any combos, team setups, strategy, etc.

I went to training mode and started gradually learning the basics, went back online. Got raped once again. Then decided I needed to go on the internet and learn the characters, terminology, setups, etc. Started trying out tonnes of different team setups, assists, positioning, etc.

Went back to training mode, practiced a lot more, began to grasp the concept. Started actually winning some online matches, still had a fair share of losing.

I’m now at the point where I have decided who I want as my “main team”, this includes:

Point: Deadpool, assist=quick work.
Second: Dante, assist=jam session.
Anchor: Doctor Doom, assist=plasma beam.

So now I have a few questions for you guys…

  1. Thoughts on my team and tips on how to improve it? I really do enjoy using deadpool even though he isn’t the greatest.

  2. When doing things such as “Mission Mode”, I can never seem to string the combos fast enough, even though I swear I am pressing the buttons as fast as humanly possible. What’s up with that, am I missing something?

  3. Does Doctor Doom have an OTG, if so what is it?

  4. Lasty, and this may just be due to lack of practice. But when doing attacks such as “Katana-Rama”, the stick motions seem to be very time consuming and awkward to do. It usually only works 50% of the time as well. Lack of practice, or am I just missing something?

Thanks to all who respond, very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

  1. X/Dante/Doom is an above average shell and Deadpool isn’t TOO bad either, so if you like the team it should be fine.
  2. As a GENERAL rule if you’re dropping combos you’re not doing it fast enough - UMvC3 skirts this somewhat with its rather massive influx of missions that require odd timings, spacing, or other curiously unexplained details - check mission guides to be sure, but generally faster is better.
  3. s. B and s. C[!] are the conventional and VERY good ones also air plasma beam and air photon array,super [I THINK]
  4. Not sure what you mean by this, but yeah practice makes perfect - as you do them more and more motions will eventually become second nature - and you’ll be astonished how fast you can get at them.

Thanks for the feedback man, and one more thing.

Since I’m using deadpool on point I seem to have a lot of trouble dealing with heavy rushers and teleporters. People like hulk, wolverine, wesker, virgil.

Any idea as of how to deal with them? They give me a serious headache.

Whoa whoa whoa. You’ve got Deadpool and Dr. Doom’s beam assist, and you’re NOT using them both for teleport mixups? :open_mouth:

You are going to have to learn to block and pushblock against wolvie, wesker virgil. If you are having trouble with reacting to high/lows, just chicken block their teleports for now and try to predict them if possible.

Hulk should be zoned at all costs, but people online like to bait you into fighting him up close. That my friend is hyper-armor territory. You are Deadpool though, You throw a lot of projectiles and should not GAF at all costs. Make HULK want to chase you around the screen. If he does this, brace for an opening, then do your bnb.

Teleport mixups? :S I find it really hard to change combos with deadpool, and his teleport buttons are essentially the opposite of katana-rama, which is somewhat hard for me to perform as of now due to awkwardness.

Will do, I can block and pushblock pretty well. Guessing the teleporters moves are a pain though.

I always try some zoning at the beginning of a match. I start off by doing medium and low gunshots, backing myself up with doom’s beam assist. If they start to get close I usually end up throwing grenades/pineapples. The problem is that hulk and wolverine are such heaving rushes and there normal hitboxes are bigger then mine so it’s a pain to do my bnb without experiencing some damage. Also, I can’t seem to perform deadpool’s OTG very fast (Katana-rama/Chimichanga). Which presents an entirely different problem in itself and limits my ability to chain combos.