New and need help!


Hey guys, I’ve been watching the MvC3, SSF4AE and UMvC3 streams for almost a year and a half now. I tried to play Marvel about 6 months ago and just sucked so bad that I returned the game simply because I couldn’t play it. But, after watching more streams, yesterday I went and picked up both SSF4AE and UMvC3. I am determined to learn Marvel, and wont be returning anytime soon. However, I do need help on a noob friendly team comp that isn’t TOO hard for a total beginner to use. I am decent at Hulk so I would like to keep him in the mix, but as for a point and anchor I have no clue who to use. Any help or input is appreciated!


Just roll with what makes you comfortable. Use Wesker, one of the top characters in the game and very very easy to use. Simple DP and QC motions and he has a lot of health so you can take chances getting to learn his play style. I consider Wolverine another great character to learn how to play with along with Ryu. Take the basic knowledge you have of these characters, and apply it to your game. You don’t want someone to tell you what characters to use and what order to put them in. If your not at the point of wanting to compete and take the game very seriously, just have fun and enjoy the characters you like to use.


I suggest playing every character. Run through arcade, Heroes and Heralds or player matches, mixing and matching people with Hulk. You’ll find characters that you enjoy playing more than others and they should fit your team. Don’t pick up any characters because you think they’ll help you win. You’ll enjoy the game much more if you choose characters based on who you have the most fun with.