New Android App for storing matchups, more updates coming. Check it out


Sup guys,

I have been working on an app for a while and wonder if you guys mind giving it a try. If you have your established way of keeping notes this might not convince you, but if you are new to that, give it a shot.

Check it out at :

Notebooks users have made are at :

Thanks guys… =)


downloading it now :slight_smile: sounds like exactly what ive been wanting


Awesome man! Definitely check out the notebooks other users have made, importing them is relatively simple and will get you on your way =).


This is not in the right forum. Someone ought to move this to FGD or one of the game forums (Seeing how this is not game-exclusive, FGD sounds right).

That said, I’m downloading it. I’ll let you know how intuitive I think it is to use. Otherwise, I’ve been wanting a standalone app for this sort of thing. Inkpad and my default note app just does not do it right.