New Android App for storing matchups, more updates coming. Check it out.


Sup guys,

I have been working on an app for a while and wonder if you guys mind giving it a try. If you have your established way of keeping notes this might not convince you, but if you are new to that, give it a shot.

Check it out at :

Notebooks users have made are at :

My next update will support some older versions of android as well as tablets. Also, Notes will be shareable via bluetooth so you can share while at gatherings and tournaments

Thanks guys… =)

Edit: For the record this IS technically a repost from the general discussion board that i was expecting to be moved.


No, thanks to YOU! This is awesome. Can you add some games by request? (I know it is a lot of work to find art/char portraits etc)

EDIT: Im dumber than SF4 reversal input leniency. Its a DIY stuff. Classics MK games here I come!


hey. thanks for checking it out. yea you can make a notebook for any game you’d like. the forum I linked in the first post has notebooks you can download and import if you haven’t checked it out. thanks again !