New arcade cabinet owner, Looking for some suggestions

I recently picked up a Street Fighter 3: New Generation Cabinet off a guy from Craigslist. According to an acquaintance that took a look at it he thinks its originally a Knights of the Round Cab because of the severely angled control panel.

Heres a pic of the cab

Was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that might have blueprints or better information about this specific cabinet style. The box the control panel is on is partially pulling out on the left side, and it has happ buttons anyways. I will eventually be redoing that with Sanwa buttons/sticks but am thinking about fully redesigning that box to be a little less bulky and straight on.

Another thing i’m wondering about is exactly what cartridges can this CPS3 board accept?
I have heard that to upgrade to 3s I would need not only the cartridge/CD combo but some extra RAM for the motherboard. Is this true, and if so is this memory available still?
Also, i’ve gotten the impression this board can handle any Jamma+ (CPS1 CPS2 etc) and a friend of mine said he was pretty sure it would be able to take naomi. Are there any good sources for Jamma cartridges besides ebay and is the Naomi compatibility true?

Sorry for the longish and rambling post!

congrats on the cabinet, check this post for some information regarding getting third strike in that set up…

doubtful you will find just a loose third strike cart/cd/memory so you would be best off just buying a third strike kit. Swapping out the carts is kind of a pain honestly so you generally best just having one motherboard for each CPS3 cart.

As for other games, you have a Jamma cabinet so anything that is jamma you can play in there. As for the Naomi though, you would have to get a Jamma>JVS I/O as naomi is not jamma but JVS. You would most likely also need to buy another power supply for the cabinet depending on what naomi games you wanted to run, meaning if they recquire the GD rom and what not.

Hope that helps. Did you ask the guy you bought it from when the battery was last replaced? If not, and you plan on keeping NG for awhile you should definitely look into having that battery swaped before it craps the bed on you.

Good luck.