New arcade fighting stick hory


All sticks labeled PS4 will work on PS4 no matter what.

NOT all sticks will work with the SFV beta on PC as it only accepts sticks with XInput. The Hori RAP 4 Kai does NOT have XInput, so you’d need to use a program (input wrapper). There are a few out there, and even the official SFV website question and answer area covers how to do it. We do not know if SFV on PC will allow all input devices upon full release, but for now in the beta, it’s only XInput devices.

Please read the information provided and stop posting useless garbage. If you don’t understand English well, get someone who does to translate the information, as you have been provided all necessary information and there is nothing left to cover.

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where can i find this program input wrapper;;;

can you send me one link please;;

this you mean;;

this you mean;;tell me please;;

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look i am not a spam i ask only one thing this you mean;;

tell me one yes or no

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Get this

Here is the link

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sf5 on pc only likes x input sticks… buy the newest hori that has a switch for x input… or use one of those shitty 3rd party programs to remap the buttons.

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my question is will it work with mortal kombat x;;;;

MKX uses the lab zero stick driver what it means this;;l

REAL ARCADE PRO.V HAYABUSA does it have lab zero stick driver΄΄;;;;


Yes the stick will work with MKX. Buy the stick we linked and get far away from this forum.

ok i will buy these stick that you told me

but i have one last question what is the lab zero stick driver;;;

The Lab Zero Stick driver is a bit of software that game developers can put into their games to let PS3 sticks work on PS4 games. Skullgirls, Ultra Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat X all have these drivers, while Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlue and Street Fighter V Beta do not.

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my problem is that i am live in greece and the only arcade stick which we have in greece is Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai HAYABUSA KURO Fight Stick for PS4 / PS3
and we have problems with capital controls and for us is litle risky to buy from ebay…

so my last question is if i buy Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai HAYABUSA KURO Fight Stick for PS4 / PS3 will it work properly with mortal combat x in my pc;;; or i will have problem input issues;; and lags΄;;;

this is my last question./…