New Arcade In DFW? *Updated*

We just wanted to come and update you guys that are still curious about our progress.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to take a break and focus on other things, like work and school. However, we’re getting closer.
We plan on opening this arcade by the end of next year, and we’re getting closer to getting enough money to open. We’ll be sure to let everyone know once we’ve made some more progress!

Please remember, we’re still kinda far off, so we still don’t know specifics on things like location.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please be sure to either post here, or PM me or J Fresh!

Thanks everyone!

Note: If you can, please play Zapataur at and donate your points to Arcade UFO! They’re the reason we’re going to be opening an arcade up here in the DFW area. So, even if you only play once, every bit counts!

you’re serious?

lol, yes, I’m serious

Please find a good location so traffic can come in and let the place gain profit. I would like to play at a decent arcade in Dallas if I ever stay up in the area to visit friends at UNT.

word. location location location.

Hey you guys, I work in the Commercial Real Estate field, and once you guys kind of home in on a city or area, I would be glad to offer my expertise. BUT just with the long running and I mean long running history of DFW there really is no good location. And honestly I am willing to bet that a majority of your clientele and business will have to be walk up because I can tell you right now most fighting game people in Dallas are broke, or poor enough not to really want to spend a great deal of money at the arcade.

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I really don’t see why DFW can’t have an arcade scene like Houston or Austin.
It just depends on support from the players and an actual arcade in the area.

I haven’t really been here that long so I can’t talk, but you may want to talk to an OG and get some history. Maybe get some advice from other Arcade owners.

Ok so EXhaseo and I are starting an arcade in the DFW area, now some of you are asking on location and right now we are still finding a place that’s right for this. And DDr where not just choosing dallas per say! But keep in contact with us and as we get further on this we will let you know more, but to help us out let us know some games you would like to see there!?

We haven’t officially signed a lease on a place yet. But we are trying for a place right outside the NE TCC campus on Grapevine Hwy.
It’s got a massive parking lot and Bellbottoms will be right next door.

If you guys honestly get this going, I’d donate what I can to help to cause. I really wish we had an arcade in the area and now is the perfect time due to KoFXII, Marvel, and SF4 releases! Find a spot that has food open late nearby and good traffic…can’t think of anywhere specific though…there actually might be some pretty good spots in plano that aren’t too expensive!

As far as cab’s go, make sure to get at least '98 if not XII. Don’t bother wasting money for the vewlix’s for SF4 IMO just get the less expensive ones…I’m assuming your going to get the jap style “candy cabs” The New Versus City’s are nice! I’d like to see CvS2 as well.

Keep us updated please.

I’d definitely be down!

We’ve been planning on getting a KoF cab, we haven’t decided for sure which one. We’ll definately be getting either 98 or XII, mainly depending on how much everything costs.
And the location we’ve been looking at has a Taco Bell in the same parking lot, a bar right next door that will be open as long as we are, as well as a gas station that’s right across the street.

The cabs we’re planning on getting are the Delta 32 or Viewlix L cabs for the newer games and for the others we’ve looked at a few others. The New Versus City was a good one we were probably gonna get for one of our older games.

Open to 2-3amish?

Ya, it’ll be at least 2 am

h2h versus city cabs for 3s please. thank you

I don’t know what rent would be like there, but I always thought Mockingbird Station would be a good place for an arcade. Lots of people walking around, easy to get to, near a university. Best of luck in your endeavor.

Yes we are going to have a couple H2H vs city cabs, so not to worry there.

omg so sick. lets do this

I vote yes, but it’d be tough to get regular business.

austin has successful arcades because they’re always within foot/bus traffic, and lots of young people due to colleges.

houston also has a lot of young people since college, and the successful arcade that’s there now is also aiming at a younger (14-20) audience of people that like anime conventions enough to go to an arcade and cosplay and buy ramune and nonsense.

dallas doesn’t really have either and is wayyy more spread out. what’s roger’s screen name, he used to have an arcade here for a while.

the problem with most locations in dallas is that either you’re going to be too far from buses (which isn’t very hard since dart sux), or wherever you put it half the people in the metroplex won’t wanna go cuz it’s too far. hurst/bedford is probably 30-45 minutes from where i live, that’s way to far for me to go more than once every couple weeks, but i know a lot of people live close to there.